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SMS 2003 - SW Connectivity with Clients

By Neil Cotton ·
I have a very WEIRD situation with my current SMS setup.

After many days of hair tearing, trying to get hte client software to push out, along with configuring the servers and the Site Server, I decided to take the cheats way out and install the client software manually on the client machine.

However, SMS, even though detecting the presence of all the machines, servers and client, didnot update to recognise the client software installed. It was running real time, as the task and process lits can be displayed correctly, but this can be done without client software installed.

Anyway, I had finally tuned the system to what should be perfect SMS2003 environment, so I uninstalled JUST the MS SMS2003 Site Server program, not the OS like I have done several times before.

When I reinstalled the program and configured it as normal. Viola! The SiteServer and the Client (that I installed manually ont he client machine) confirm that the client software was installed. So I thought I'd cracked it, and that the tinkering whilst running, and continious configing affected the opperation. However, I went to install the client software on the other machines, and low and behold, NOTHING again. I have installed the software manually, and still nothing. I am betting that if I uninstall SMS SS again, and reinstall it. All three will now be functioning.

Any body any ideas.

Also, on the machines with the client installed, I can not push out any packages, or execute remote controls, desktop, tools. And YES, remote desktop instances are installed on the machines.

This is really annoying me now, can anybody offer any help?


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