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sMS or Love Virus

By Spring ·
I am running Win2k and somehow on new year's eve, got a really annoying file tcpsvs32 in my /winnt/system32 folder. I know this was tough to deal with, but out of desperation, I installed Mcafee, Norton, PC-cillin , none of which helped (what are they for anyways?). I can't access registry and task manager as it just goes away. I reinstalled Windows. I have done so many other things, and this is my final resort. It's just I don't want to format. The virus was sending attachments on my behalf, but I managed to stop that. Is there any patch/solution to this. I have SP3 for win2k.

Thanks a million.

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sMS or Love Virus

by Joseph Moore In reply to sMS or Love Virus

You were hit with the Yaha.K virus variant, a new version of Yaha. It was detected on Dec 24, 2002.

Symantec has a tool that will clean Yaha from your system. They also have an extensive write-up on it. Go to this page for info:
(please remove any spaces)

NOTE: page also available at:

Ok, now I am willing to guess that when you started installing the anti-virus programs, that you didn't upgrade their virus definition files. Since Yaha.K is only a week + old, you would have needed the most up-to-date definitions. Now I run Norton, and I know their microdefs (their virus definitions) did not come out to combat Yaha.K until Dec 30th.
Anti-virus programs are only as good as the definitions they have.

So, go to the page, run the tool, and that should take care of it.

hope this helps

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