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    SMS Server


    by aspiring_one ·

    Can somebody give me some solid advantages to incorporating an SMS server into an NT domain? I’m aware of things like hardware & software inventory, & pushing out updates, however I am looking for more specifics from someone who is very familiar with it already. We have around 100 NT/Windows 95 clients in our office.

    What real advantages do you know of to implementing this?

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      SMS Server

      by mark.tassin ·

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      We deployed SMS for a bunch of reasons.

      1) We can take remote control of a PC (provided it can get on the network) and troubleshoot it remotely. In a large campus or a WAN, this means that you don’t have to fly to the location or call in T&M resources).

      2) We can distribute software to the desktop with automated installations which allows for massive software updates without having to visit each machine. We have used this to ensure that every client has the Citrix client on it to get into our system for our ERP and to make sure that all machines run Office 97.

      3) Inventory both Hardware and Software is nice.

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      SMS Server

      by mckaytech ·

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      We use SMS to support about 1600 users over 20 sites and we use the inventory functions, program updates and remote control functions and it would be worth it for those alone, especially since some of our sites are an 7-hour drive from the main office.

      However, some of the additional value recently has been the ability to quickly check for the presence of specific programs and files. Like most other large agencies, we got hit pretty hard by the ILOVEYOU virus and SMS was very useful in identifying the machines that would have to be re-imaged (in addition to checking for current virus updates). A more recent use has been to identify the presence of software (e.g. Napster) that causes both legal and technical concern for the organization.

      We also use it for budgeting and forecasting because we can easily query for all machines that are only 32meg of RAM or those that have hard drives less than a certain size.

      And we haven’t used it this way, but another company I know that had problems with users

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      SMS Server

      by mckaytech ·

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      (finishing up on answer above)And we haven’t used it this way, but another company I know that had problems with users making unauthorized hardware adjustments (generally removing components and replacing them with inferior stuff) used a weekly hardware audit that flagged any changes to clean up the mess in a hurry.

      Finally, SMS comes bundled with a full-featured packet-sniffer (Network Monitor) that has been immensely useful in tracking down network traffic problems.


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      SMS Server

      by avidetto ·

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      We use SMS to admin. lan line accross the country. My entire job function is Remote Solutions.
      1)Software packaging, 2) Software metering- # allowed & lockdown features. 3) Remote Control of GUI 4) Hardware collections, processor speed, current mem. 5) software dist. both interactive & assigned. 6) ability to remote rename workstations without going to the desk (note many functions you now use your “help desk” for can be done via remote, Software upgrades, hardware troubleshooting, etc. In There are many other features that make SMS a value. I suggest you pick up the MCSE book on it (or go to a book store and flip through it) this will give you a good idea. Also as always I suggest you use NTRESKIT tools & other CMD line based apps to aid this function. The two combined make a very powerful Rclient, Rkill, AT, etc.. Good Luck -al

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