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    SMS1.2:Clients not reporting inventory


    by fractaladmin ·

    I have an NT domain with the PDC as a logon server and all other servers (all BDCs) as SMS Clients reporting to the one logon server. (The site server is in a different domain). Problem is that, while the servers run their inventory scans as scheduled, the .RAW files are never sent back to the logon server unless the client server is logged on and runsms.bat is called.
    I’ve tried scheduling an AT command to run daily, the command is \\\sms_shr\runsms, but no go – .RAW files still sitting in ms\sms\invdata.
    Anyone got any ideas?

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      SMS1.2:Clients not reporting inventory

      by andy_p ·

      In reply to SMS1.2:Clients not reporting inventory

      Check the SMS.ini file on the server is it point to a valid SMS logon server, if it isn’t modify the file or reinstall the sms logon server (not the site)

      Check that CLIMONNT is running on the client under processes this is responsible for movingthe RAW files and also inv32cli.exe

      If CLIMONNT is not running, place SMSRUN32 in the LOAD line in the reg

      Best of luck

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