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smtp script and files using telnet

By mike_m ·
Need to transfer abt 25Mb of mail from one online account to another (because the first one is filled up) and don't want to lose dates times and sender names.
Of course I don't have admin or FTP access on the ISP mail folder ...!
Thought of sending all the downloaded raw mails up again to the new SMTP, with the original To: ... From: .... and Date: xx/yy/zz and of couse attached files.
I think it should work.
I am looking for a versatile telnet client capable of operating from batch, sending files and possibly interacting with macros to automate the process (more than 1000 messages).
Putty doesn't send files.
TeraTerm neither.
TeraTerm Pro seems to work but get the BSD installing it on W2000 (it seems to work on NT).
Tst10.exe also works fine but lacks some option for sending data without beying prompted.
Any help or hint ? Maybe some other simple method ?
Thanks, Mike

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by fumel In reply to smtp script and files usi ...

Hi Mike,
Have you tried SecureCRT from VanDyke Software?

I've been using it for several years now as my exclusive telnet/ssh/serial console terminal. It has the ability to send ASCII files or transfer via xmodem/zmodem (if anybody still does that...)

It also has the ability to run VB, java, and perl scripts to automate tasks. I've created basic vbscripts to login to several of my routers, change a routing statement, and save the config -- all done with a few mouse clicks. Of course, you'd have to write the scripts yourself.

Check it out if it sounds like something you could use.

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