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Snagging a Entry Level IT job

By jewellh ·
I know its a very competitive field out there. How can I beat out the other candidates applying and interviewing for the same position that I would be interviewing for. I have my A+ Network+ MCP and MCTS what other certifications should I attain and what should I do to sharpen my skills.

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Experience, any way you can get it

by robo_dev In reply to Snagging a Entry Level IT ...

Internship, volunteer at a non-proifit or charity.

Make sure you double and triple check any resumes, cover letters, and emails, as a simply careless error can cost you a job.

For any company or interview, do some good research on the company, and these days with LinkedIn you can often find out a whole lot about the company, the person who works there, and all sorts of good info.

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Reponse To Answer

by jsargent In reply to Experience, any way you c ...

Excellent advice for anyone applying for a job whether entry level or otherwise.

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Work for free for the first week.

by jsargent In reply to Snagging a Entry Level IT ...

If it is your first job then if you offer to work for free for the first week then this will help a lot. The only thing they lose is precious time getting the right person. As far as you go...what else will you be doing during that week. I also found that for my first job, door to door calls helped. I have been in the situation of "entry-level" twice in my life since I moved countries at a relatively early stage in my career. In addition, when I moved I had no knowledge of the local language. In my case, both times personal contact played an important role in being selected for a post. The first time was as junior electronic engineer and the second time was as a software engineer. Both times I was selected by the technical director of the company. Also don't be pushy.

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Triple check your resume

by a.portman In reply to Snagging a Entry Level IT ...

Look for spelling errors and the like. Chances are there will be 100-300 other resumes in the stack for every job. Take your time and VERY CAREFULLY tune your resume/application to every job posting. Fill out online forms with great care. The back ends of those systems are generating information on your application like spelling errors.

By fine tuning, look at the job posting. If they asked for A, B, C and D. Adjust your resume to highlight A, B, C, and D in that order.

Good luck in your search.

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