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    Snap Servers


    by dbchicago ·

    Has anyone ever implemented a Snap Server? How was the experience? Did you have any failures? Easy to Administer and maintain?


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      Snap server

      by megamb ·

      In reply to Snap Servers

      I am working at company that had a snap server before I came here. It seems to work fine, except once every 3 to 6 weeks it becomes inexcessable to anyone, then I have to go back to the server and power it off, then back on and it works fine again. Other than that it is easy to work with. I use the internet to admin the snap server. A friend has one where he works and they have not had any issues.
      Hope this helps.

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        by nd_it ·

        In reply to Snap server

        I worked for a company a couple years ago that had a snap server, we ran into the same problem if I remember right where no one would be able to access it after a certain period of time. We would have to do the same, power it down and power it backup again.

        It works great for data that remains relatively static, image files, documentation, especially since these documents are large and snap, depending on which model and how much you want to spend, is physically small and can hold large amounts of data.

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      Snap is a breeze

      by brian.pyle ·

      In reply to Snap Servers

      We have Snap 4100 that was super easy to implement. It took about 15 minutes and we were up and running. The read / write speed is somewhat slow since the drives are only 5400 rpm but it’s great for document storage.

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        What do you need?

        by clearsmashdrop ·

        In reply to Snap is a breeze

        Snap Servers come in many flavors. Most small business or workgroups can get away with the 1100 or 2200 model. It is usually stored on a desktop.
        The 4100 model and up are rackmounts.
        There are two OS’s for Snaps. SnapOS and GuardianOS. Guardians are much more advanced. Never used them. But Ive used lots of SnapOS models.

        They have simple functionality, and tend to run by themselves. I think they are great for a small business.

        A few things to know, you cant run agents like antivirus or backup clients on the Snap. This can be a hassle for some folks. Also, the snap is an IDE raid so it might not be fast enough for you.

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