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Snap to the grid and join the next revolution

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
Grid computing is the latest buzz word making its way around the IT journals and best-seller lists. But the question remains: Is it all hype or is there really substance to this concept of collaborative computing? If you are using grid computing or are making plans to use it, we would like to hear about it. Tell us what your plans are and tell us what problem grid computing is solving for you. Some real word examples will go a long way toward establishing this budding concept as a bona fide phenomenon.

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Grid computing is nothing 'new'

by GuruOfDos In reply to Snap to the grid and join ...

The SETI Screensaver? Cancer and Smallpox Research? This has been going for years!

Linux/Unix computers have been 'griddable' for ever and a friend of mine told me about a linux conference where delegates were invited to bring a 'box' and hook it into the grid and thus greate the biggest 'supercomputer' ever using distributed or grid computing. This took place in Germany back in 1999 and is a regular event, so don't tell me this is a 'new thing'! is the url for the United Devices Grid Computing web-site

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Not New but ...

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to Grid computing is nothing ...

While I agree with you that the concept behind "grid" computing is not new, the current push to make grid computing across companies and between companies a "normal" part of IT infrastructure is new.

So the question remains: Is anyone using or planning to use grid computing and what problem are they trying to solve?

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More strict definition?

by kieran In reply to Not New but ...

After buiding a Bowulf cluster in 2000 for personal use (read: fun) I becae aware that distributed computing comes in many flavours.

The Beowulf I built was a computational cluster, (like SETI and the folding/genome @home projects), but there are many other designs suited for reliability, monitoring, storage, etc...

Are there specific requirements for this discussion?

I've been aching to use a cluster of some sort in a production environment... and I'd love to hear what others have done!



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Well to me its all just hype

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not New but ...

The current games around grid computing is the latest in a very long line of "Fads" that may sound good but in pratice never get off the ground and end up costing some companies huge amounts of money for something they don't need and can't afford or justify for their present needs.

I can remember a few years ago one Japanise audio company was advertising Long Crystal Oxgen Fre Copper was used in their transformer windings for a purer sound.

When I asked what this was susposed to actually mean the sales guy went into the predelivered blurb without understanding a word of what he was saying {but it did sound good even if it was all BS.}

To me this current push for "grid" computing is nothing more than if you can't blind them with science then you baffel them with BS.

Perhaps one day soon they will come out with a new invention and call it the wheel as they have spent millions of dollars improving an already well proven device. Grid computing falls into this area nothing new but a very good idea for a sales pitch as most people haven't heard of it and even the ones who have will probably have forgotten by now anyway.

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