SNMP between subnets?

By robo_dev ·
I have two subnets on the local network, with the network management station on one subnet only.

There is a Cisco ethernet switch on the other subnet that I would like to monitor via SNMP

In order for the second subnet to see the SNMP (UDP port 161/162) traps is it just a matter of setting up some router rules between the networks, or is it trickier than that? (I have a simple Netgear router in place doing lan-to-lan routing and basic access-control-list stuff between subnets).

Or is there a magical Cisco IOS switch feature that allows SNMP packets to hop over to the other subnet?

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no magic.... to route between subnets, you need a router

by CG IT In reply to SNMP between subnets?

if your router will support multiple subnets, just add in an entry in the table for the second subnet

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Thanks, I figured it was no rocket science

by robo_dev In reply to no magic.... to route bet ...

I was not sure whether UDP would be a special case or not; I know for DHCP and UDP there are helper-addresses.

I bet $5 I will need to use goto a simple Cisco router in place of my old trusty Netgear; it's really not made to be a LAN-to-LAN router.

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