SNMP-to-Email or SMTP forwarder utility?

By robo_dev ·
I've got this legacy network monitoring device that cannot be upgraded. An old Netbotz Rackbotz unit.

It can send email or SNMP alerts. It can also send alerts via FTP or HTML to another server.

The catch is that it cannot do SMTP authentication or use SSL for SMTP.

I would prefer email, but my ISP does not allow plain port 25 outbound SMTP, they require port 465/SSL, which the old device simply cannot do.

So what I need is:

a) an open-source or low cost SNMP-to-email (or SMS) utility that could be a SNMP trap destination and send messages when it gets traps.


b) A utility that could act as a simple mail forwarder, receiving standard SMTP email and forwarding it to my ISP's authenticated SMTP server over port 465/ssl (

Before I reinvent the wheel, any words of grand wisdom?

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by Choppit In reply to SNMP-to-Email or SMTP for ...

Any linux distro should be able take care of either for you although I suspect the SMTP relay solution would be easiest.

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I spent all afternoon trying a utility called

by robo_dev In reply to Linux..

E-mail relay

it's open source and has both *nix and Windoze support. So far, though, it's choking on authentication with yahoo pop server, despite it claiming to have TLS support.

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