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By Ed Woychowsky ·
My day job closed the building in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania today. It's a snow day! Wee! I'm going to go outside and play.

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Have fun, Ed

by NickNielsen In reply to SNOW DAY!

If you find yourself really enjoying it, make two snowmen instead of just one.

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Me too!

by AV . In reply to SNOW DAY!

No workie today. I still can't believe they closed work for the day. Just watching the snow from indoors and eating lots of comfort food. :^0


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Have some...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Me too!

Mac & Cheese for me. Oh and a libation of your choice.

I'm still at work, it's raining/snowing here. No snow accumulation yet.

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by patb071 In reply to Me too!

How is that the places that gets an inch of snowfall a year end up getting all the snow and get the days off? I hate to say it but next time a storm comes send it up here. We got the tip of the storm and only got 3-4 inches. barely enough to close the schools. Have a couple of drinks for me, no better way to celebrate hump day.

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If we ever get a snow day around here - it'll be followed by

by Deadly Ernest In reply to SNOW DAY!

Satan asking why his lava lake is now an ice hockey rink.

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same here

by .Martin. In reply to If we ever get a snow day ...

such a rip off...

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too true

by NexS In reply to If we ever get a snow day ...

We only get as much as -

"Quit your bitchin' 45C degrees isn't that hot."


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Places Close????

by Wild Card In reply to SNOW DAY!

We already have a foot here and I still had to come in. Not too bad though. Pretty much everyone called off. Lightweights.

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Hey, hey, hey! That's not why they close places!

by DMambo In reply to SNOW DAY!

You're supposed to stay indoors because it's too dangerous to be outside.

They closed schools early here in anticipation of nasty afternoon weather. That's the best way to ensure that the snow does not fly. It's 2:50 PM, schools would be out very soon, and barely a flake has dropped.

Oh well, enjoy the fun in the snow. Send some north!

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Greaty white south, brrrrr

by Oz_Media In reply to SNOW DAY!

Damn, you still have snow!

In Vancouver, CANADA, we saw a light flurry one night in December, didn't last more than a few hours and now it's like spring. Daffodils are in full bloom and the crokuses are open. Sunny and warm, with some rain mainly in the evening or late night (BC is a rain forest afterall). But weather's been averaging 10-13 ceclius for our "winter" so far, despite a short cold snap in early December.

They are making snow on local mountains for the Olympics and many of the recreational runs are closed due to lack of snow.

Oh well, look on the bright side, at least you got a day off out of the deal.

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