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So, fellow Techo-geeks, what's on your Christmas list?

By robo_dev ·
Not sure if Santa reads TR but:

1) Logitech Revue Google-TV receiver box
2) Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle
3) iPad, ipod touch, ipod nano
4) 1U Dell Power Edge R210 server
5) New APC UPSs to replace all my old ones
6) Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21 Megapixel DSLR
7) Fluke 192B-003 portable Oscilloscope
Fluke ES2 EtherScope? Network Assistant
9) Nissan GT-R (530HP 2012 model)
10) Emma Watson and/or Megan Fox

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The GT-R is tempting, but so is Megan Fox

by Slayer_ In reply to So, fellow Techo-geeks, w ...

What about Megan Fox in a GT-R?

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by robo_dev In reply to The GT-R is tempting, but ...

yep, that would work. yep yep yep

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I thought you were asking what I wanted so you could buy it for me

by JamesRL In reply to So, fellow Techo-geeks, w ...

I'm not a complex guy. I don't need a lot of toys to make me feel good.

I've got a cable TV PVR, works fine.

My 27" inch HD tube TV works fine, but bigger might be nice -LED.

My home theatre system consists of 2 speakers and a sub woofer, a centre channel and two speakers for the rear channels would be nice.

My video card died, and I'm using an old spare, a Radeon 5770 would be fine.

My Nikon D200 is still putting out great landscapes, I could use a Nikon flash to replace my 30 year old Vivitar 285, the hot shoe mount is starting to go.

Emma Watson? She plays someone of high school age - no thanks. And Megan Fox? Total witch from all reports, no thanks, no matter how beautiful she may be.

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I could use a new UPS

by NickNielsen In reply to So, fellow Techo-geeks, w ...

Mostly what I need on a daily basis is just the Fluke MicroScanner2. But I wouldn't mind having the AirCheck Frontline Troubleshooting Kit or a NetTool, either...

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