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So I received this snail mail advertisement from Dell last week.

By CharlieSpencer ·
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It describes six desktops, six laptops, one 'all in one' desktop, and one convertible 'Ultrabook' laptop / tablet. Only the convertible is listed as shipping with Windows 8. The other 11 devices come with Windows 7 (ten with Pro, one laptop with Home).

Draw your own conclusions.

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To be fair,

I receive mailings from Dell, but from the business division since I own my own, or at least try to make payments on, my business! Last one I received about a month ago featured a nice looking Dell tablet, touchscreen, 10 inch, with Windows 8 for $299! I'm not really in the market for a tablet though. The other regular "PCs" listed came with Windows 8 Enterprise.
Conclusion...Dell has a few consumer line of goods to clear out, and is introducing new business lines. FWIW---the "business class" laptops all came equipped with touchscreens, as did the "convertible" thing.

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That was sent to you a year ago

by Slayer_ In reply to So I received this snail ...

Snail mail just finally delivered it.

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to That was sent to you a ye ...

The all new Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, now DOS has a new name and navigation system that will reach well into the future. The giveaway is that the flyer was hand typed, has yellowed where once white and faded to pastels where vibrant colours were used.

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I did wonder about the 22 cent stamp...

by CharlieSpencer In reply to LOL
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It's more common here I think

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to So I received this snail ...

Looking at Best Buy/Stupid Shop's site they have plenty of Windows 7 Pro PC's and notebooks available still, however MOST are in the $1300-$1800 range, very high end notebooks. They do have a few entry and mid level products that ship with Win7 Pro still but most cheapies are Win8 now.

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