So I tried to solder a cell cam to a USB cable, any idea how it works?

By Xavi3rr ·
Hi everyone.

I'm sort of new to this whole world and discovering what works and what doesn't.

Today, I'm trying to create a USB webcam from scavenged parts of old smart phones.

So I have picked up a cam from a oneplus one.
Next step, cut a USB cable to solder it to the connections of the cam.
So, I have removed the "plug" from the cam and left it with the flat connectors ready to be soldered.
I applied a bit of solder to the tips of the 4 wires of the USB cable. There is a white, a black, a green and a red wire.
From what I understood from various videos and how to's I have picked up on the way, the white wire is negative and the rest is positive. With the black wire being the power wire and the other 2 the signals wires.
Again, from what I understood, I should, from "left to right" solder the negative first, then the 2 signals then the positive.
So this is what I went for. And I think I have done a pretty good job at the solder. But it turns out when I plug it into my PC, huge disappointment, nothing happens. No device is recognized.
Do you have any idea what else I should do?

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