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    So I’m looking into a Laptop for Programming

    by braydonthenoob ·


    Hey so I’m very new to this tech world. Was wondering what’s the best types of specs for a laptop that is just for programming. I talked to someone at Best Buy and they said have more then 8GB of memory so what would be the best fit.

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      So your question is what exactly?

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to So I’m looking into a Laptop for Programming

      What would be the benefit of having at least 8 gig or RAM?

      That’s easy it would allow you to begin to get some of the benefits out of the newer hardware and with the modern 64 Bit OS’s that would be close to the minimum necessary to run a Current Generation OS in a halfway decent manner.

      Then what do you actually want to do? Programing covers a lot of different things and what system requirements are depend on what it is you want to do.

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      go for the optimum processor with good amount of ram

      by hellosourav21 ·

      In reply to So I’m looking into a Laptop for Programming

      i will suggest to buy anything better than dual core proccesors of i5 i3 or amd
      with altleast ddr4 configration ram more than 4gb

      rest of any programing will work better . best performance is directly proportional in your budget :P.

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      Processor, RAM and also display are important.

      by dennnath22 ·

      In reply to So I’m looking into a Laptop for Programming

      Yes, you need a powerful processor like an i5 or i7 along with an 8GB or 16GB+ RAM in depending on your usage and budget but the display is equally important.

      You want a display with an aspect ratio of about 16:10 since it shows the maximum number of coding lines. This way you won’t have to scroll a lot. And obviously, it should also be bright.

      Another thing to keep in mind is the keyboard and touchpad. Typing long codes can take hours and thus keys should have a travel time of about 1.5mm.

      I have been using the new MacBook Pro for quite a while now and it works perfectly fine, especially since they have switched to the Magic Keyboard. In case you are looking for more recommendations, you can always check out.

      9 Best Laptops for Programming & Coding in 2022

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