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So it's dead here now?

By Slayer_ ·
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Well then I just want to say this is the worst site redesign ever.

I'm not sure how you can tell where to even type, as everything is white against white.

I don't even want to read this site anymore, too bright, and the comments are confusing to follow, and the site layout is confusing to follow. I can't tell what's an ad and whats legitimate anymore.

But at least I can post now. I seem to be the only one.

Using Firefox 16

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Hey Slayer!

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to So it's dead here now?

You aren't the only one that can post, I've managed to post a few times the last few days with Opera 11.64 (Windows and Linux) as well as IE10, and Qupzilla. It has been quiet though, except for the occasional spammer. Readability of the site does seem odd, difficult to follow, and discussions still are not threaded properly. I started a post in the Watercooler for members to let me know what browsers and systems seem to be working. I'll have to try Firefox 17 ESR and see how it works next, using my netbook (Acer Aspire One ZG5) with Slax. If you'd like to add your details, here's the link:


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by Slayer_ In reply to Hey Slayer!

Why can't TR have a skinning ability?
That would be so much better, just let us choose a skin that is essentially just a different CSS.

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by yareliscabrera In reply to So it's dead here now?
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You cannot even report spammers with the new site

by robo_dev In reply to So it's dead here now?

If I hit the post button it posts the comment perfectly......60% of the time, after a long delay.

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I've been here on and off for about 10 years under one account or another

by OurITLady In reply to So it's dead here now?

and I confess this is my first visit this month. I'm finding that half the features don't seem to work properly in Chrome, and I refuse to start messing with opening multiple browsers just to access this one site. Not over keen on the new format of the site either, so not sure how often I'll bother coming back in the future.

Pity, this used to be my "go to" site for tech news and gossip.

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You say you're having trouble with Chrome?

Wow, that's odd, I had heard that the site worked in Chrome. Most of the issues have been reported with IE or Firefox. Anyway, which version of Chrome? Is it the older webkit, or the new "Blink" engine? Can you give any type of details as to the problem, other than the look and such, is it problems posting? Editing? If I can get a few details, a bug report can be filed.

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The forums seem to work fine

by OurITLady In reply to You say you're having tro ...

but the home page has no Load More button so you get what's there but you can't see older posts. I also can't see my account details, when I click the Login link at the top of the page it takes me to a page that tells me the membership benefits, on the right it has a "Already a Member? Sign In" but there's no link and below that it tells me I'm already logged in but there's nowhere to log out or edit my details. Strangely enough if I head to the Newsletters link the Quick Link there does actually seem to work fine but that's the only way I've managed to get to my account info through Chrome - the link works in Firefox. I'm using 29.0.1547.57

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I'll see what I can do, Lady!

I'll check the bug reports, and if these have not been added, will do so. Thank you!
I know some of them are being worked on, such as account details, status and favorites, not sure on the "more" function though! Good catch!

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P.S. Either I got REALLY impatient the last few weeks

by OurITLady In reply to So it's dead here now?

or the site also got very very slow as well.........

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Haven't been able to log in

by GSG In reply to So it's dead here now?

Today is the first time in over 2 weeks that I've even been able to log in. I admit that I stopped trying after getting frustrated.

I did read some comments and saw very few from the long term people. I think it's DOA.

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