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So much is made of Microsoft's predatory success

By Peter Spande ·
But they certainly have a number of misses as well. They often let competitors get a big head start and then quickly overtake the competitor with their sales, marketing, and bundling prowess. LiveMeeting seems, so far, to be a miss rather than a hit.

While by no means perfect, I prefer netmeeting to Placeware, Live Meeting, WebEx, or Breeze. All of those solutions are more slick than netmeeting but I've been in many meetings where far too much time is spent getting every location set up on the service and not enough time is spent on the content needing to be discussed. They can all be used well but I've just not found it be the norm.

As an aside, this leads me to the other pet peave with all of these solutions - they seem to encourage the use of bad power point presentations. PPT can be great but so often I find presentation slides with 50+ words on the screen, lots of bad animation, etc. It can be a powerful tool or it can be a tremendous crutch that does nothing more than insult the intelligence of the audience and saps the life out of any discussion. The fact that Live Meeting, Web ex, Breeze, etc exist seems to encourage people to create a presentation for every meeting. Why?

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a better question..

by Jaqui In reply to So much is made of Micros ...

why does an online meeting need the bells and whistles?

a meeting held in an irc channel that is private gives everyone a log, if they choose to save it, and has the flow of a real live meeting where everyone is in the same room, when ideas start flying between atendees.

so you lose the fancy presentations, and the voice connection, you gain the flow that the features steal from you.

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an even better question

by Too Old For IT In reply to a better question..

I've been to meetings that were just everyone locally, as well as ones with webex, a IM conference room, and teleconferenceing all going at once.

They all seem to be pretty much a waste of time I'll never get back.

One place I contracted at had a consultant tell them that at any given moment, 25% of the workforce was in a meeting (and hence 25% of his HR budget). But the CEO was big on meetings, so they continued.

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I'm not big

by Jaqui In reply to an even better question

on meetings just for the sake of having a meeting.

a meeting to touch base with a distributed project so people can get the interaction that spawns ideas..
or a meeting with a local project to bring the administration up to date on what's happening.

no more than once a week.

having several team members talking about the project is normal activities having the entire team talking is a meeting.

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They want to sell more copies of Power Point

by Deadly Ernest In reply to So much is made of Micros ...

what else is there to say - this encoyrages people to use PP.

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can i download a ppt at live meeting

by ykechenique In reply to They want to sell more co ...

Hi , i`ve just started to use live meeting but i wonder if there is a way to download ppt after a conference using live meeting...

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PPT + sound bundle

by Andy Goss In reply to So much is made of Micros ...

If M$ really want to do something useful, they might invent a way of bundling a sound recording of a presentation with the PPT slides. All too often I have found that "The Documentation" consists soley of the slides from a presentation, and next to useless for practical purposes.
Maybe they've already done it, I've restructured my life so I don't have to endure such things, but I really feel for those who have to stay awake through them. Along with leaf-blowers, I rate PPT as the worst invention since income tax.

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Come now - income tax is not THAT bad

by Deadly Ernest In reply to PPT + sound bundle

I would rate it much further down the list after:
1. MS programing ideology, if there is one
2. MS marketing strategy
3. MS software
4. Political leaders NOT leading the actual combat charge when they send the country to war
5. Silly tax wasting schemes and programs to grab votes
6. Disproportionate taxation shemes
7. Excessive taxation schemes
8. Income tax

Think about it and you will agree, I think.

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Most PPT presentations

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to So much is made of Micros ...

Are put together to justify the indivuals position and are fairly useless outside of their intended target audience and even then are fairly useless in any Teleconferencing application.

The original Idea of Teleconferincing was to have Real Time meetings world wide and with the advwent of Vedio there was more use as you could see how the person that was talking was reacting and get a better idea of how they where going and how much they belived in what they where pushing. PPT just detracts from this and should never be used in this context.

M$ on the other hand is certianly the Big Boy in Town and generally gets its own way even if they latter loose the Court Case by that Time the damage has been done and the paultry fine comes out of M$ Petty Cash. They don't care if they win or loose thay have a team of Legal Eagles on staff who get paid regadless and Billy Boy learnt very early on in the piece that you didn't need a better product all you had to do was tie something up in court long enough to win the war even if you lost the battle.

IE is a perfect example of this prior to IE being available everyone used Netscape and liked it then along came IE and MS instructed all its system builders not to install Netscape or they would run the risk of loosing their ability to sell M$ Product. So the small system builders went along out of fear and the big boys just got a bigger discount on the M$ product so why whoud they complain? The fact that M$ was doing the wrong thing wasn't important at the time to anyone except Netscape who took M$ to court and won but by that time most of the people where using IE because it was installed on the box and worked.

Their Office Applications where exactly the same as well not a single one of them was considered as an Industry Standard but by bundling them together with the promise that you could use data from one application in another sold it to a lot of people thinking that they where getting something better thn what they had previously.

Word has never come close to Word Perfect and the same applies to the other apps in Office Lotus 123 is still supperior to the M$ Alternative and so on. The only thing that M$ had when they intergrated Office was that they could move the development teams from the different projects into one project and allow a minimal amount of ability to transfer data between applications but because they moved to a standard User Interface everyone thought What A Brilliant Idea even if you had to dig around for some of the common tools required. It made things easier to flog off the the Dumb End User which M$ has been Dunbing down ever since the release of 95.

Before that the users had to know how to use a program and how to work it properly even if they only used 10% of it now thay know even less and are paid accordingly and M$ has built a complete reliance on their products to keep this going. If you need to actually learn how something works instead of clicking on a icon that does everything for you.

Prior to Office hitting the streets the business had to send their people off to regular training courses which has now stopped because of the nice Eye Candy and resource Hogging User Interfaces that are being used by M$ on all thier products. The first version of Office came on a couple of floppies and now you need the best part of an entire CD to just store the Installer of Office with all the actual programs shrunk down to CAB files that self extract take up an enormous amount of HDD space and even more system resopurces. Windows is exactly the same Blotware out of control and the only thing keepiong them going is the advances in the Hardware so M$ can continue to increase the amount of useless Eye Candy and consume a horrendious number of Clock Cycles just to see if there is something there and then tax the system resources even more to open an app.

WHile the Hardware Vendors are driving Technology along in Leaps and Bounds M$ is dragging them all back and causing the New Technology to look no better than the Older Technology which is being replaced as the apps take as long to open on much faster hardware. And this is considered as acceptiable by most Companies and End Users who use the products.

The reality of the current situation is that a 386 with 4 MEG of RAM would do as much as is required by the adverage Workstation but we have hardware sooooo much faster being held back by second rate products running on it and we are all told that It's Better!

Then there is the so called problem of Pirates and all the M$ product being Pirated, M$ is asking for this in droves as they supply their product to the Big Builders like Dell, HP, Gateway at such low prices that it's impossible to compete with them on price alone. Today I saw a Dell add with a P4 Celeron 17 inch LCD Screen 512 MEG of RAM for $890.00 AU and I looked at the software load and if I was to buy the M$ product that is placed on this Dell I would be spending around $500.00 AU just for the M$ Product leaving $390.00 for Hardware and that is at Wholesale Prices not the RRR. So while I don't condone it I can see a very good reason just why so many small builder resort to Pirating the M$ Software as they simply can not compete with the Big Boys who get such massive discounts for buying in bulk.

Thankfully I don't compete with the Home Market but if I did I would be broke in a very short time as M$ gives these people such an advantage that it isn't funny and most likely illegial as it is a restriction on the ability to trade.

And even then with the Cheap OEM Products the System Builder has to supply all the Tech Support while not being able to look at the code to see why things are going wrong. So they have to Ring M$ and pay to find out why things don't work and pay even more in the M$ Tax on computing.

Col ]:)

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