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So the Google Glass hype is on. Thoughts?

By WackyWheels ·
Google is developing actually functional camcorder/glasses. With the first recorded videos hitting the net, what are your thoughts on the possible development/use of this technology?
As soon as I saw a few videos, I thought about next-gen movie experience or virtual or added reality. Overall, I think this is kind of what we've seen in all those sci-fi movies back in the day (with holographic interfaces, heads-up displays, etc.)
Btw, I saw these videos

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Google Glass is cool, but can Google pull of the marketing?

by jmgarvin_z In reply to So the Google Glass hype ...

So almost all the techies I know are into Google Glass and really are pretty excited. I mean what techie doesn't want a wearable HUD?

I think the problem will be marketing for Google. They are TERRIBLE at it. While Android has had great adoption, it's in spite of Googles marketing (or lack there of). Even the vendors (mostly) suck at marketing their phones (save for maybe Samsung).

So what Google needs is an Apple type commercial. They need something to explain what Glass is to the non-nerds. They need something that will push this into the mainstream quickly. If adoption isn't quick, I have a feeling this tech will be abandoned, until somebody "invents" it in a decade.

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Speed of Uptake

by dogknees In reply to Google Glass is cool, but ...

I'm thinking that if it doesn't take off and is re-invented in a decade, it means people aren't ready for this sort of technology from a social or ethical point of view. After all isn't it businesses place to "supply" technology to meet our "demands, not the other way around?

I've always considered business's first responsibility is not to it's shareholders, but to society. They only have a right to exist if they provide goods or services that people want, at a price people are prepared to pay, and to operate in a way that we consider acceptable.

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