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    So was This the Idea Microsoft Copied for the Surface Tablet?


    by zkstar ·

    Hi all. This will be my first discussion post here so I thought I’d start with this new video that popped up on YouTube:

    The video (or presentation rather) purportedly shows Microsoft had picked up features of the Surface Tablet such as its kickstand, pen and prominent full-sized USB port from a concept idea emailed to Microsoft research teams in 2010 then later published by the author in a journal for a computer conference the same year. The video doesn’t say if the author of the original idea will be claiming anything from Microsoft.

    It would be quite a shame for Microsoft, in my opinion, given the fact that they are just getting set to launch their Surface device which they claim was totally conceived and developed as an inhouse concept design.

    Sure, they’ll have an army of lawyers on in hand to tackle any court claims, but still – tsk, tsk.

    Apple and Samsung have both prominently been accused of copying and now Microsoft as well. Is the I.T./tech industry low on fresh ideas like Hollywood?

    The Surface Tablet is a really cool-looking device and even I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one, but now at the back of my mind would be the word ‘copy’ associated with it.

    What are your own thoughts?

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