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So we get to look around for a stun gun?

By AnsuGisalas ·
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Nah, Becabill. Not what I mean at all.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to So we get to look around ...

The thing is that you're assuming Rick is a normal fellow, one who won't pull the trigger if he doesn't need to.

Drawing your gun and letting the perp run away is not "using lethal force"

Rick is saying he'd rather shoot someone with the purpose of killing them, than not shoot someone because where this would not endanger him. That's what it means that "self defense with lethal force is always justifiable" - he's not talking about being happy one didn't have to shoot someone, he's talking about being able to justifiably shoot someone if they fit certain criteria. As if that is his goal all along.

He's like that moron in the meeting who comes up with an argument for your idea which makes you want to withdraw it.
His attitude is unhealthy, and that's why I'm on his case, for the sake of responsible gun owners and others too.

I had forgotten that you guys have been without a National Consensus on just about anything for decades (five? six?)... it means you tend to see an argument against some specific thing as being an argument for the "opposite side" - a whole set of views that are seen to belong together (which is a complete lie), someone who don't like people might be in favor of abortion AND against gun control at the same time, f.ex.

Not me. I don't argue for direction.

Metaphorically: I'm trying to cull the sick wolves from the pack, to improve the health of both wolves and deer.

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