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So What Certifications Should I Do

By shaun ·
I am one year out of University. I have all 3 NT MCPs (So that I can do the upgrade) I am a Systems Admin and Web Developer. And I want to become a trainer...a REALLY good one. The BEST.
I have some experience conducting classes but I am not very experienced or confident. What certifications will lead me to becoming the BEST?

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A suggestion

by BrianHarris In reply to So What Certifications Sh ...

Stop focusing on the certifications. If you want to be a trainer, "... a REALLY good one," I would suggest getting experience with training. Take classes on how to be a trainer and join local speaking clubs. Just having more certifications won't make you a better trainer. To be the "BEST" you need experience training. You'll want some real world experience but if your focus is training, that is the experience you'll want.

Good luck!

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My two cents

by hanes_ray In reply to So What Certifications Sh ...

I have done a some training and been trained as well. And the one thing I do know is that most trainers are good for talking and running at the mouth and thats about it when it comes to doing the job they no diddley. Most trainers I have found when they don't know the answer to any given question start giving a drawn out answer and immediately try to talk over your head so to make you think you are the one lacking in knowledge "not them". So I guess my advice to be the best trainer is get the communication skills as the other post says and get real working knowledge of what you are teaching before you dive in.

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what I would do....

by mj.howard In reply to So What Certifications Sh ...

My suggestion to you would be to try and get a part time position with a training facility(a MS CTEC facility), so you can get MCT certification. As your teaching skills improve, move into technical classes. Email me and I will send you info on job market and salary info.
to gain experience. Start off teaching applications, and as you get better,

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