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so, what do ya think?

By Jaqui ·

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nice Jaqui :)

by PurpleSkys In reply to so, what do ya think?

i'm not much for the mechanics of a website, so I can't comment on that part, but I do like an uncluttered site that doesn't have neon colors all over it . I do take it that the index in the header isn't done yet? I can get the pages from the drop down menu though.

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drop down menu?

by Jaqui In reply to nice Jaqui :)

the menu is always visible so it's not a drop down

but really, I was asking about the blog entry I posted the link to.

edit to add:

I tend to keep the entry page very clear, not much there ever.
I edit it to change the few lines to highlight changes elsewhere on the site, other than the blog.

so it's pretty much done as bare as it is.

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catagories drop down

by PurpleSkys In reply to drop down menu?

"select catagory" is what i meant (i'm not really good at some of the terminology)

The menu in the header Home, software, etc, i just get page cannot be found.

it was a well written blog, good read though.

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Some of those are probably still "empty".

by seanferd In reply to catagories drop down

I.e., link doesn't work as there is no content yet at the URL.

Some have content, some don't. Blog and Downloads have content. Home has been emptied and transferred to Blog. Software has some mention of what development Jaqui offers.

Er, never mind. I get something at every link now, although a few were dead on the first try.

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The link you posted worked but

by IC-IT In reply to drop down menu?

All the others at the top of the page (home, etc) do not.

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Am I aware?

by NexS In reply to so, what do ya think?

No, I was not. But Are you asking me about your blog or your web design?

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Dude, I didn't know your site was back up.

by seanferd In reply to so, what do ya think?

Been a long time since I checked, and what with what you said about being able to afford hosting way back, I had not thought to check.

Cool. B-)

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looks good,

by .Martin. In reply to so, what do ya think?

easy to navigate, nice layout, didn't burn my eyes.

only complaints is that I had a couple of 'page not found' errors, which corrected themselves after a bit.

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Looks good

by santeewelding In reply to looks good,

Because Jaqui subjected himself to the blowtorch that is TR some months ago with respect to his site.

I take it that this is the site, much changed from what he first proposed, and to which I appended a comment or two.

Still need to do something about the "headline", Jaqui. I have to shift between upper and lower lenses to make it settle down.

Until I get past that, and the non-functioning search, what was it that you were saying?

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You're going to have a time

by NickNielsen In reply to so, what do ya think?

convincing other people of the veracity of that particular idea. Myself, I like it.

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