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So what IS permissable otj? Work?

By orgdocent1 ·
We have so many distractions at work, games on the computer, e-mail, shoppers channels, smut, porn, computer dating, shopping chanels, hulu, social networks;
Research, books-on-line, google earth, mapping and travel planning, pricing air tickets;
checking on-line baby monitoring, dog-sitters; food/exercise/talk shows/ repeated news.

What happened to processing paperwork, answering consumer (customers' needs)?

Oh, given new laws on the docket, lighting up ... (outside the building of course)!

Taking a toke between hits on the bottle or
just shooting up (next)

As a former laborer, now middle management I worry if we are ever going to keep up with the outsourced sweatshops where people WORK 10-18 hrs/day to close down those American Shops.

Next the Union rep will be arguing they need more time to rest after the heavy mornings work...

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