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So whats the gossip???!!

By Shellbot ·
Hey people..

What did I miss??
Anything exciting going on???

Well, the offspring has gone back to canada, so I've turned back into the sad "insane cat lady" and have gone back to talking to the cat.

Spent another week in need of serious de-tox now..

First day back at work..happy joy..I'm definatly just gonna win the lotto this week and jack it all in.

So come one..fill me in on whats been going on!!

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Did you miss the big "Bumping off-topic posts" flame war?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to So whats the gossip???!!

The one where Q questioned the practice of bumping off topic posts so they'd stay visible? Turns out the posts in questions were three in support of TiggerTwo's breast cancer walk. Q wasn't questioning Tigger's activity or the show of support, just the bumping of off-topic posts in general. It turned into a brutally ugly flame-fest. Tammy and Sonja asked everyone to calm down, as did Tigger, but eventually the PTBs decided it had to be removed entirely.

You know it's not good when santeewelding is using "STFU", and that was one of the nicer comments.

sleeping dawg started a follow-up thread about TR censorship that quickly deteriorated into the same name calling, a bit more restrained but just as unpleasant. Tigger also started one about TR's terms of service. I believe both of those are still on line.

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Didn't get that ugly

by jdclyde In reply to Did you miss the big "Bum ...

Because "Q" showed to be a mental midget and started sounding like an on-line version of "Pee Wee Herman".

Things settled down from there when people saw we were dueling with an unarmed person... B-)

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Missed that

by Shellbot In reply to Did you miss the big "Bum ...

Probably just as well..cause I most likely would have gone mental on the person opposed to bumping.

Some people need to get lives..really :)

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BTW, Palmie...

by Jellimonsta In reply to Did you miss the big "Bum ...

That was Dawg that started the 'Blue Nosed' thread, not Oz.

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Well, ya...

by jdclyde In reply to BTW, Palmie...

Oz is the one that started the BROWN nosed thread.... ;\

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Jelli, thanks.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to BTW, Palmie...

I've edited my previous post to include the proper name.

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we learned what NOT to say....

by jdclyde In reply to So whats the gossip???!!

Seems it is fine to say STFU as long as you don't mean it, and WTF is questionable depending on if you have more emphasis on the W or the F.... ;\

The dipwad "Q" came out again, this time ranting about how it upsets s/h/it so when people "bump" the Tig discussions. s/h/it then started posting pics to use to cut people down (downs syndrome kid) and so we looked at the rest of the photo album and found pics of his 14 year old girl friend. All pretty funny stuff until Tammy got sick of all of us and pulled the whole discussion instead of just a few posts here and there.

Did my first round of golf for the year, and didn't do as bad as I had expected. 52 ( 9 holes) considering I was both sober and hadn't played in almost a full year. B-)

School starts today for the things. They were in good spirits about it. (get to see all their little friends).

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What the...

by Shellbot In reply to we learned what NOT to sa ...

Since when is WTF questionable?


Shame it was pulled..would be an interesting read over the weekend :)

Mine starts school on bank account is pretty much emptied from shopping for new clothes etc..

Golf..*yawn* not quite my thing :)
But whatever rocks your boat mate. ]:)

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If you check with Boxie

by jdclyde In reply to What the...

I think she has a text file of it from one of the archive sites.

clothe shopping... *yawn* not quite my thing

And I don't know WTF is up with not saying WTF as long as I don't say #### ### ####, ya know? ;\

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