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so who is the worst offender for an untidy workspace?

By Shellbot ·
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Now, this is related to the "Tidyness & The Techie" thread.

Now, since i cleaned my desk last weeks..its looking pretty good to be honest.

I'm sure the neat freaks will still shudder tho :)

So I'm hoping to see someone has a worse one?

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Shell- I have you beat

by Tig2 In reply to so who is the worst offen ...

We are BUILDING my partner's desk. EVERYTHING that should be in the office (or other places) is cluttered about the salon or parlor. Mess. Just a mess.

But before the perfectionists give me a rash...

I walked over 500 miles in six months to walk 60 miles in three days for charity. I think that effort was more important.

I work effectively in a home office. The space is evolving.

When I work in corporate environments, I simply shred everything on paper- as is required by law. If you want it to be conserved, advise my management. I will insure my name is removed.

I can't say I care much about the "neat freaks". I WILL say that the worst offender is the boss that doesn't provide sufficient time in the day to create a tidy workspace!

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I'll take that cake

by NickNielsen In reply to so who is the worst offen ...

My car is my workspace; it's a 1995 Ford Escort hatchback that is packed level with the windows. The only place I can see the carpet is on the driver's side floor.

In my own defence, I have to carry tools, parts, and equipment with me to every job and manage to get 80% of the recommended carry-along list into the car when guys with trucks are complaining that they should be provided a full-size van to carry everything.

Edit: I forgot about my camp chair, which I never travel without. It lays along the backs of the front seats, on top of the stack. Pictures after Christmas; a digital camera is my present to myself.

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I should get out the camera

by w2ktechman In reply to so who is the worst offen ...

but too many people would freak out about the amount of running 'currently using' computers that I have, not including ones that I am working on.
Many people come by and say "gee, how many monitors do you need anyway", I usually say "More!".
That is before paper, keyboards, wires, and parts.

Oh yeah, it is company policy here that everytime I cleanup a pile of parts, everyone must clear out their drawers and (with no note) come by and leave stuff on my desk. Sometimes it is a repair job though, so I need to try to track everything down as to who it belonged to.

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I think I have even you beat.

by Eternal In reply to I should get out the came ...

Ahh I wish I had the photos.

Currently it's the combination of my wife's and my desk, they're kinda one long deskt, with a 20" tv inthe middle,

Starting from the left is mine - Filing cabinet - on that currently is my new file server I have yet to move to the back room, then on my relatively small section of desk I have a 19" monitor, then a lapcool 4 my laptop sits on, and then I have about 100 little bags with misc pieces, like pci slot usb/1394/game prt/sata cables. ide cables, etc in them( I have 3 huge boxes in the back room too) then we've got the TV, which pulls it's images, odly enough from the laptop, then to the wfie's desk... 5 LCD's across a 8ft span, 1 tower, 5 keyboards, mice, etc, it wraps a corner then we have 4 more towers on 4 r 5 ft of space. Now bfore you think oh thats not bad, currently there is no spo larger than 3" by 3" of clear desk.

Oh and the comment about monitors and having too many...

I have:
6 - 15" crt
19 - 17" crt
14 - 19" crt
1 - 21" crt
2 - 19" LCD
2 - 19" wide LCD
2 - 17" LCD
In my house.

Lets just say my house isn't heated by forced air or water, or fire.. it's heated by convection from too many pc's.

Not bragging, just stating what started as a 8' by 10' room for working and a desk has grown to 3 rooms, a desk, I finally got my dining room cleaned out...

My greatest accomplishment was growing up living with my folks... my "computer room" or the radiation room as my parent's called it was 3ft wide, 6ft long and only 5ft high. I managed to squeeze 7 computer towers 5 of which where 24" towers(I used those as my chair) - 2 15" monitors, a 13" tv, kayboards/mice and all the networking equipment like the switchees for that room, and hte rest of the house, dsl modem, router, etc.

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Did you beat me???

by w2ktechman In reply to I think I have even you b ...

I have 2 storage areas. I have a room piled 3 high with 19"-22" crt monitors, lots and lots of parts, systems to be setup(currently 4 notebooks and 8 minitowers and 6 slim-form desktop systems). Not including 22 new IPAQ's, printer maintenance kits for 12 types of printers, toner for 25 types of printers, extra docking stations, PS2 and USB keyboards and mice. 6 loaner notebooks, 8 systems wiped but not reloaded (to be loaners).

My desk only has my main 5 systems (4 notebooks, 1 full tower). The tower and 2 notebooks are dual screen with seperate monitors. Starting from my cubicle wall, I have 2 overhead compartments. 1st overhead locks up supplies like a huge box of screws, smart cards, pcmcia cards, dongles, SW, RAM, notebook HDD's, etc.
My second overhead contains (currently) a notebook I am setting up, a notebook that I am trying to find time to wipe, and other (currently in use) items. My desk is triple long and wraps around. Currently on it are an CLJ4700, notebook (vista), notebook (backup system, and ticket management) with extra monitor 19" tft, main notebook with extra monitor 20" tft, my tower and 2 15" tft (space issue, cannot go bigger), 2 hubs (8 port and 20 port), 3 kvm's hooked up (1 USB, 2 ps2), 17" monitor tft, notebook Suse Linux, LAN cables and power adapters (and cords)(and kvm cables) and locks to hook up a max of 4 notebooks and 3 desktop systems simultaneously. then a desktop only for wiping drives, kind of off to the side a bit. Then a battery recharger and adapters for 5 notebook battery styles. Then 2 personal PC's that I am working on in spare time (I added lights and mods to one, the other I am building from scratch). Then 1 desktop (minitower) and 1 15" tft (on top of minitower) and 1 17" tft on a 20 port hub (another one).then 4 desktop systems (currently using with SVR03 for testing), misc. stuff.
Finally, under my desk tables (whew, I made it this far), I have a 2 drawer (3 ft) cabinet, totally filled with parts like external cd drives, drive bays, external HDD's, loose items, etc. a broken desktop, a printer, boxes of stuff, boxes of extra power adapters (never know when these odd ones are needed). boxes of torn down comps (noteboos and desktops) for parts tests, 2 small 3 drawer cabinets, misc. boxes
right outside my cube as you would walk up houses 4 cabinets (2 with drawers) that have extra stuff. On top of them is a broken 19" tft that I took apart and added blinking christmas lights inside (everyone loves this, at first they think it is a great 3-d screensaver) wrapped in red garland. Next o it is a 17" tft running the "Happy Holiday Hearth" fireplace (crackling fire sounds), this is a huge hit too, as people stand by it to 'warm up'. Next to it is a 2 ft. fiber optic tree, decorated. In between he monitors is a holiday candy dish, with homemade candy from several people.

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by Eternal In reply to Did you beat me???

LoL(Yes I do say that IRL), Ok, yours is a little nuts, is it a true business environment or a home/office environment?

I work at home with my own computer sales/repair/whatever bussiness, and I have a full time job with a University. The University, if my office gets too bad my supervisor will actually make me take 30min to clean it up, currently my desk surface is covered in papers, then my hutch, filing cabinets are layered in dead equipment, keyboards, mice, printeres, speakers, phone head sets, misc cables, it's really not that bad.. cept that kinda stuff isn't in my Job description there.

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I will concede though

by w2ktechman In reply to HMMMm

as I only have to deal with that for 8-10 hours a day (in the office). You need to live with it....
One of these days I will post some pics. I took a camera to work last week and was really busy. I had to take time off this week due to a home electrical fire in the back of the unit. So probably not until after Christmas, cause I gotta move soon now.

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Your desk is very tidy

by jneilson In reply to so who is the worst offen ...

Since I've been tossed into a multi-tasking enviroment my desk has literally stacked up. I have a huge stack of drawings on one part of my desk, a couple of thousand pages of technical printouts on another, plus a bunch of dust that drifted in from the shop covering everything.

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by Choppit In reply to so who is the worst offen ...

To me it looks like work is in progress, exactly the way it should be. The only adjustment I would make is to throw in a few cables and network cards to really set the scene .

Mine is definitely worse (better?). Usually I can lay my hands on whatever I need (except a pen for some reason). On the odd occasion I feel that my productivity is affected, the bin makes an ideal, infinite capacity storage receptacle.

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Lucky to see the floor

by ScooterB In reply to so who is the worst offen ...

I'm usually lucky to just see the floor in my office, never mention the desktop. I have to share my office with the server room. Not to mention it's louder than I like. I do usually have a quaterly cleanup day(s) which I then try and put things in a neat stack. I did utilize the opportunity to get rid of some of the stuff(?) recently when we had to have the flooring replaced. Anyway, Shelbot, I think your desk looks great! Post another picture in a month to let us know how it is going!

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