So Why Don't We Older, Mature, Seasoned, Amazing, Talented, Baby...

By wahorton ·
..."BOOMERs" Start our very own Corporate Revolution. You know start a company of nothing but Seniors, we have the talent and skills a-plenty at our finger tip. It would be Coast to coast, country to country, continent to continent. Our product would be all the knowledge, wisdom and skills we've acquired in our related fields. We are the "SMEs", we'd work in volume whatever that would be, producing mass income, as appose to mass income low volume. To heck with those corp, lets depend on ourselves, each other. We're definitely smarter, twice as gifted, not to mention amiable, reliable and know how to get the job done at a fraction of the cost without those amazing mass over runs. Perhaps it's my military training Air Force. Any takers out there? Anyone tired of griping about corporate america? Tired of being the odd man out? Want to do something about it? Let's put our heads together, constructively brain storm starting a company owned, operated and run entirely by "Seniors". I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut we'd be the Sh*t!!!
My Email address is my finger to corporate America, who terminate a reliable employee because of Age.

Best regards to you all


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