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by cbertram In reply to Social Eye for the Geek G ...

This is the first installment of what I hope will be an open discussion, and kind of forum for the ?GEEK? everywhere.<br /><br />First let me say that I do not consider myself a ?GEEK?, and I actually hate that word. I am a computer professional, who has had some social dysfunction. Mine has not been as bad as some people I have met over the years, but I have had my issues.<br /><br />In general I can carry myself very well in any social situation. I find I make friends very easily, but I do have one annoying habit, and that is where I will start this blog. The habit I speak of is talking down to people.<br /><br />I never really noticed it until I got married to my second wife. She is very beautiful, and has a lot of friends. Of course I was introduced to them, and we had conversations. At first they seemed to like me, and we got along well, but later my wife would tell me that, her friends felt I was talking to smart to them, or correcting them when I thought they were wrong.<br /><br />This can be very dangerous territory for me, I have amassed a lot of some time useless information, and some how I store it until I need it. The problem is that when I get into a conversation about the subject, and I hear someone saying something that is so wrong. I would jump in and correct them. Sometimes I might even do it kind of forcefully. I never really saw it as a problem, but it seems this is a social no no.<br /><br />What I learned, is that even if someone is totally wrong on a subject you should not just point this out to them, instead it is better to carefully correct them, or not even say anything at all. You know what is right, and if it is not hurting anyone, why make a big deal out of it.<br /><br />So this is how I would like to start out, let me know your opinions on this subject, and let me know if you have a favorite subject down this line of thinking, and I will try to write about it.<br /><br />Thanks<br /><br />Chris

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Social Conversations

by cbertram In reply to Social Conversations

Chris,<br /><br />I've witnessed that happening many times. I hope I've never done it, but I almost surely have. I can be a bit obnoxious, you see. ;-) Nobody likes to be proven wrong (especially in front of a crowd), and nobody likes a know-it-all. If you're smart, it will become apparent all by itself. You don't have to help it along.<br /><br />I have a related pet peeve: People who argue their opinions as if they're fact. Now THAT's annoying!<br />

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