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Social Networking at the office; where's the beef?

By Mr L ·
It seems that lately I can't go a day without tripping over some article in the trade rags telling me that social networking is in the enterprise and we had better prepare for it. Or that it's coming and we had better prepare for it. Or that we should be thinking about it. or...well, you get the idea.


I recently (minutes ago) finished an article on social networking with the second subject line being "Enterprises want to know what the business case is before they begin buying." The article then ran its course without ever addressing its own subject, i.e. what's the business case?

What's the business case? Why do we need facebook or linked-in or BEA's new AquaLogic Interaction? What are our users doing with these products that drive real business value?

I could use some help here...and not "Well, your web 2.0-savvy users are just going to insist on it, so get ready." I want to know why, I want to know...as a shareholder and not just someone in IT management...what these things are adding to our bottom line.


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