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Social Networking Is No Longer Confined To Plain Connectivity...right?

By a.chaudhary ·
Times are changing, internetworking is evolving and people are working on mutual grounds to get to the highest simplex on the world web.Gone are the days of a single concept.Today, its a multi-conceptual world, where one looks for everyone and everything else to get to their ease, when it comes down to the do-dailies on the internet.Whether it is connecting with your friends, interacting and collecting information, enjoying games, shopping or any other related activity, we like to do it in style and with everyone else.

The average internet user has now grown on the levels of usage, and the world continues to shrink to come down to our desktops. With seeing this, one can easily detect that the internetworking habitats need to undergo major functional changes.

The users have now developed the habit of filtering every thing which comes their online way.Seclusion is no longer a hot-cake luring the sole online user and one can?t withstand doing anything without adequate online connectivity.

The users now want the slightest of their online activity acknowledged by the web-world.Whether its a blog post, a photo album posted online, any new game, a view on any product or any other piece of information that one wants to share, we want to get noticed.The closest one has come to personal highlights is the social networks which now exist as the indispensable components.But sadly, there is hardly any social network which provides everything under the same roof.

every other network lacks on something or the other, and if you have to go hunting for different entities on different networks, then what?s the whole point of having a connection? Why does one need to join these networks? and what does one benifit out of them?

To the users relief, icallglobe has come out with Youtring as a breath of fresh air.There is a whole new concept of interactive applications like t.v, calling, email, games, video and photo sharing and many similar features combined with a personal network, giving it an edge above the other networks.Speaking in a is the world tied to your social network and that too delivered on your desktop.

One can go on and on about a single thing, but how does one go on and on about a rounded pile of multiple things with multiple functionalities ? all that left with you is exploring.and on the expert?s safe word, exploring youtring isn?t a bad choice at all. Multi-applicative features combined with networking is here to stay..and surely to stay for long.

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Multi-applicative features combined with networking

by datzy.i.m In reply to Social Networking Is No L ...

Networking is certainly leaving a trail behind , and i agree with the sentiment ; more features will certainly fetch networking sites more traffic . well written .

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social networking sites = enabling stalkers.

by Jaqui In reply to Social Networking Is No L ...

That is the real end result of these social networking site you have posting your im chats, cell calls, current activities etc. you are enabling some sick s.o.b. to track you down and hurt you.

you want to make use of thse sites, don't complain when some sicko rapes / murders you. YOU enabled it by participating.

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a little negitive, in that statement

by dawgit In reply to social networking sites = ...

While I agree with those setiments to some extent, it is a bit of extream negitivity. I think there also must be a positive side to the coin of this part of connectivity. Not all is bad. -d

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Do you count artificial self esteem

by Dumphrey In reply to a little negitive, in tha ...

as a positive side effect of social networking?

I joke...
There are many positives, but the negatives are just so big...
Seriously, who puts there personal cell number on a social site... oh wait, to many to count...
Then of that number 25% will also have an address... Google Maps FTW! Stalkers-R-Us is now open.
Hmm, now that I type it out, its not so much the SN sites as how people are using them. Another moron tax needed for SN sites?
Post your real number and address; $100,000 fine.

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a <i>Dumb Tax</i> ? ?

by dawgit In reply to Do you count artificial s ...

Good idea, it could wipe out the national debt. :^0 -d

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but, but, but

by Jaqui In reply to a <i>Dumb Tax</i> ? ?:| ...

it would bankrupt to many people.

100,000.oo per site they are a member of.

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That would clean things up a bit.

by dawgit In reply to but, but, but

But the music industry storm troopers aren't having much luck doing just that. -d

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by Jaqui In reply to a little negitive, in tha ...

nothing positive with enabling stalkers.

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True. Good Point.

by dawgit In reply to nope

As said, I totally agree with that. No arguement. -d

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I'm ok, you're ok.

by dawgit In reply to Social Networking Is No L ...

That's not a new concept in socialality. The speed and scope of personal interactions, and aceptence, has indeed changed. But in reality Humankind is still just people being people. -d

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