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    Social networking sites


    by wesley.chin ·

    As you know, there are many such sites, such as Linkedin and the ever popular Facebook. What are your thoughts about them and IT?

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      My Favorite Social Networking Site?

      by lisa ·

      In reply to Social networking sites

      Typically, I would say that I am happy with Myspace, Facebook, Ning, etc….. However, I would be lying. I recently discovered and sign up to be a beta tester for a new social networking site. They provide the tools to network an entire community on your own website. You start with pasting a single line of code into a designated page of you webiste. Suddenly your website has an audience. Therefore, I must admitt that,, by far is my favorite social networking site. Cheers

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        What ever happened to real socializing??

        by bdub360 ·

        In reply to My Favorite Social Networking Site?

        I think networking sites should be for job hunting and business.

        Is it so bad to get out and be socialable?

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      Not during work hours

      by sjmcd435 ·

      In reply to Social networking sites

      Social Networking sites are good, and I spend some time time each day out of work hours using Facebook. But for those who want to use Facebook during work time and have the IT Department support it. I do not think this is right. With all of Facebook’s applications it has too many distractions and for work purposes, you don’t need Facebook, email and the telephone can cover anything available on Facebook.

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