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Socket error[] 100019

By rmhughes0711 ·
I have a PC that is running AOL DSL(OS 98SE). The DSL modem connects to the computer via an ethernet card. Recently, I had to uninstall it and re-install. Since the reinstall, I have not been able to re-establish my DSL connection. When I boot the computer, I get a socket error 100019.

I contacted AOL and they said it was a windows problem. They told me to call Dell. Dell said it was an AOL error having to do with my AOL provided Ethernet card. They began to tell me to re-install TCP/IP to see if that would clear it up but they did not know how to do that with 98SE.

So, I have 2 questions. 1) Why do I get the socket errors and how can I prevent them and 2) Are these errors preventing my DSL from connecting. Any help would be appreciated. I seem to be playing "stump the band" so far.

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by BobHo In reply to Socket error[] 100019

Of course everyone is going to point at someone else when you have a problem! I'm not sure from your post what it was that you uninstalled (the ethernet card, the dsl modem, the AOL software or what). When AOL is installed it usually overwrites alotof Windows system files with versions of its own. This is probably true for the winsock components as well (just my guess).

A socket error will definitely cause problems with internet connections. I would start by uninstalling all of the components you installed for your dsl connection (the ethernet card, the dsl modem and the aol software) and then reinstalling it as specified in your installation kit.

If you want to just reinstall winsock it's not an easy process but here's a link to a Microsoft kb article on how to do it:;EN-US;Q181599&

but remember, if AOL uses their own proprietary version of winsock then a reinstall of Microsoft's version won't help you and it still might not work.

You have my sympathies.


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