Soft skills/prioritize question

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Good day

On Friday I was faced with a bit of a problem that tested my soft skills and how to prioritize.

The day before I was given a laptop to clean up that was belonged to a clients son it was a simple task and I told the client I can drop it off in the afternoon.

I did a few morning service calls and I was about to drop off the laptop but my boss called asking me to do another service call (Which was a owner of a company had a virus on his computer). During this call The client who I told I would drop the laptop off called me asking me when I was doing to bring them the laptop I told them I was in the middle of a call and I'll be down around 3ish.

3pm rolls around and I was about to drop the laptop off and my boss calls again telling me to stop over and do 2 more service calls. I tell him I have to drop off this laptop because I told the client twice I would be over with it today and I already pushed it ahead twice. He then lectured me on how I have to make decisions and prioritize my work, saying it was only her sons laptop and its not like its the accountants PC on payroll day

So I quickly make those 2 service calls and head back to my office to shoot off a very important E-mail. 3:40pm rolls around the Client calls me once more saying "Your not coming over today? The sectary is the only one at the office, we close at 4pm and I dont want to have to make her stay late on a Friday"

Once again I simply told her I am shooting off an E-mail then I am on the way to your office

I get to the office at 3:55 and drop off the laptop and that was the end of that

I know this was done all wrong and could of been done a lot better but how do you tell an aggressive client that one service call is more important then theirs?


oh and also note that I am the only tech at our office my boss is also a tech but he is more into sales and he is currently training a new sales rep so %90 of the time I am doing service calls solo

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You should have made it clear to this client

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Soft skills/prioritize qu ...

That you would drop it off latter that day depending on the amount of work that came in.

It's also important to let the client know that you'll do whatever is required depending on the other work that may come in but as a general rule of thumb you should never promise things too quickly. It's far better to say it will be ready next week and give it back latter that day than to say I'll get it to you today at midday and then have to put it off till latter.

Though once in 10,000 times you'll likely to get a complaint sent to your Boss that you have rushed the work by doing it too quickly but the other 9,999 times the customers will be extremely happy that you have got it back to them earlier than you stated.

While this may not have been an Important thing to you it was to the client who had most likely told her son that she would have it back latter today and he was probably bugging her to get his computer back. The only thing she could do is to then inquire of the person who had given her a firm assurance as to what was going on.

It's just the same as if someone was to do something for you if they say 3 hours to do something and it takes 3 days and they are constantly ringing you putting things back it gets your back up at least a bit no matter how good the explanation is.

So if you don't like things like this happening it's reasonable to expect others who have no idea of what is involved are less inclined to like it happening to them.


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