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    by Kreemerz ·

    Anyone know of any software/application which can be installed on a small home network (5 PC’s) that will allow me to control services/settings on all of them from one place… No need for server. The following things I’d like to control would be the following:

    – custom windows login legal message/disclaimer
    – install apps
    – control settings

    Any ideas? Preferably free/open source… If pay ware is the only option then perhaps I’d buy it if it was under $100.

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      The problem is there are so many today.

      by rproffitt ·

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      But how about PSEXEC? Read

      Since everything can be controlled via a command line, you only need this on your PC along with an admin account on the other PCs.

      Easy, low cost, great for those that need such for free.

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        by Kreemerz ·

        In reply to The problem is there are so many today.

        Hadn’t heard of this one. Thanks.. It looks very ‘command-line-ish’… wonder if there are others that have a more appealing interface or Windows based GUI, just to make it easier on the eyes.

        You say there are so many. Sounds intriguing. I’d love to know what those are…

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          Your requirement of no server component

          by rproffitt ·

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          Severely limited what most would use. Even so I don’t mind such a challenge so I remembered PSEXEC and how we would do all that we needed from the command line.

          If you are going to command and configure a fleet of computers without say the usual Windows Server or remote control GUI apps that are same/similar to say VNC or Teamviewer then PSEXEC would be my choice along with scripts so you don’t have to type in the usual command.

          Batch files, scripts are how IT staffers do such work. However once in a while a new IT staffer wants some app with GUI rather than, well,, how it’s done today.

          Remember, you did ask for no server component.

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      Re: software

      by kees_b ·

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      It’s built into Windows, and it’s called RDP (Remote Desktop Processing).

      The only possible issue: you might need to upgrade 4 of the 5 PC’s to Windows 10/11 Pro if they are currently Home. The PC you work on yourself may be Home, the ‘remote’ PC that you want to manage must be Pro. And, of course, turned on.

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      by Okolosov ·

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      Perhaps remote access software would work for you? For example, one that can connect from a browser: getscreen or Splashtop.

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