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    Software Agreement/ Contract Platform


    by arcg ·

    I would like to ask a ques. on how to make a software agreement documentation between a programmer and a client in distributing software?

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      Software Agreement/ Contract Platform

      by tjc ·

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      The best answer is to contact your lawyer. The agreement should spell out the length of the term and what royalities should be given to the programer, if desired, and also list what the programmer should give you, source code, documentation, compiler and addins that they may use. Also any bug fixes and updates that may be required to make sure the program works, and also that they have to give you periodic updates on a timely manner.

      But again seek out a lawyer that can spell out exaclty what you want. Also you may want to add a clause that states that the programmer can’t use any code they create for any other person.

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