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What is best free VPN for windows and best free VPN extension for the browser
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I personally use Dew VPN

by peter_debelius In reply to software and browser exte ...

For my PC/laptop (windows), I personally use Dew VPN. It's free.

Here are some of the features that stand out to me:
Unlimited speeds
Unlimited bandwidth
Forever FREE
24/7/365 support
No Logs Kept, 100% Private

I can also tell you, from personal experience I found it to be faster than other VPNs. This is mostly due to the fact that is has so many servers worldwide, thus improving your chances of having your communications encrypted by a server that is near you. Hope this helps.

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I personally use Dew VPN

by milofhead In reply to I personally use Dew VPN

Just heard of this Dew VPN now, will give this a try.

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Why aren't Javascript, CSS, and HTML extensions to browsers

by vkrysko In reply to software and browser exte ...

there are standards and in the ideal world all browsers would conform to them and work the same. That said, as you hinted, the real criminal is IE which has a long history of thinking it knows best and making shoddy alternative to the established standards. Because IE was so widespread, web developers had to make very complex work-arounds to ensure their code worked as expected in IE as well as the normal browsers. This complexity increased the chances of mistakes that affected even the compliant browsers. IE is much better now but in an ideal, consumer aware, world, it would have be boycotted years ago and we would have a better web functionality all around.

Things should improve as the HTML5 standard is adopted as it covers many things not previously achievable with just HTML.

I use FF and Safari and have to say they function exactly as expected for any code I make. I long ago gave up trying to satisfy IE users, if they insist on using a rubbish browser, they can suffer the risk of rubbish web pages like (Link Removed by Moderator.)

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I am using NordVPN

by divekarbhima0 In reply to software and browser exte ...

I am using NordVPN.

You can also try these VPNs:-
1. HMA
2. Hotspot Shielf.
3. Proton VPN.
4. Hide Me

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I am using ExpressVPN

by shivamkumar1 In reply to software and browser exte ...

I would recommend you to use ExpressVPN. You will definitely get better services as compare to others.

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Ivacy VPN

by aliamjadshahgt In reply to software and browser exte ...

I would strictly advise against using Free VPN services. But you can use Ivacy VPN for free as they are currently running their exclusive offer, so you might check that out.

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software and browser extension

by marks567217 In reply to software and browser exte ...

NordVPN is best for software and browser extension.

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Best VPN

by jhask564 In reply to software and browser exte ...

According to my use of experience, NordVPN is the best VPN.

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Free vpn for windows

by sadiqrehan1512 In reply to software and browser exte ...

I personally use the opera mini web browser because it has an inbuilt VPN feature. But some people don't like opera mini, for these users let me suggest to you some best VPN service software.
Hotspot Shield Free VPN
Proton VPN Free

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software and browser extension

by deborasumopayroll In reply to software and browser exte ...

Hotspot Shield is a great Chrome VPN extension option if you want something that's simple to use, runs fast and is free. Yup, the free version works with very few strings, although it is basic with only four location choices – plus, it's not such a fast VPN as the premium version.

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