Software Assurance?

By Toast-it ·
Could someone explain to me what "3 Year Acquired Year 1" in this license means: Microsoft Windows Server Standard Edition Software Assurance 3 Year Acquired Year 1, Additional Product (P73-01425.

it's confusing the **** of the financial chick at my work. does it mean we pay every year or every 3 years..?

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Sounds like you have purhased a 3 year license....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Software Assurance?

And the "Year 1" means you are in year 1 (the first year), so it must mean that you pay every three years.

More on it here, PDF format:

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"Free" upgrades - sort-of

by oldbaritone In reply to Software Assurance?

or special upgrade pricing, but it lasts for a finite time period - 3 years. After that, you'll pay the market price for version upgrades, or you'll pay to extend your Software Assurance.

The "3 Year Acquired Year 1" means you bought the 3-Year Assurance plan during the first year you owned the server. The longer you wait to subscribe to Assurance, the more it costs when you do.

Theoretically, the more you pay up front, the less you'll pay to upgrade. But in reality that's not always the way it works.

It's tricky to figure which way is more advantageous financially, but if you just resign yourself that they're going to get the money sooner or later anyhow, and bite the bullet up front, you'll probably be happier.

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This is the correct answer as far as M$ is concerned

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to "Free" upgrades - sort-of

But in answer to your question with Software Assurance you pay every year for 3 years and that provides you with Upgraded Software for what is under the Software Assurance System.

As stated above the Year one is just the fact that you bought the SA within the first year of owning the server but not at the same time as you acquired the server.

Though that may have only been a day between getting the server and making an approach to M$ about Software Assurance.


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