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Software Audits Are A Waste of Time

By SentryWatch ·
We make this bold claim as many organizations worldwide are really wasting large amounts of time, money and effort on a task that really is very simple when you understand what can be done!

Wasting money on software compliance auditing is no way to run your business entity, when the money for the cost of conducting software compliance audits (in the manner they are being conducted at present) could be far better spent on your core business activities, BUT we suspect you already know this!

We know that software compliance is NOT the core business activity of your organization and the money spent on traditional auditing techniques is MOSTLY WASTED and could be better deployed and utilized elsewhere.

"To combat and overcome both illegal and unauthorized software usage in organizations you need a robust technology asset management solution to force a shift in attitude to what is really a PEOPLE based problem!"

You can read the rest of this article here along with some other articles at our web site

You may contact me direct at if you want to know how to force a sea-change in conducting compliance audits across your organization and free up those resources and $ you are wasting!

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by Becker-2004 In reply to Software Audits Are A Was ...

you can't solve people problems with technical solutions. if you have a people problem, you need to solve it with people solutions.

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by JamesRL In reply to

Yes, but you see he wants to sell you a technical solution - he can't sell you a people/policy based on.

I really hate people who come here and pretend to start a message thread, but are really trying to sell something.

If they were smart, they would realise the bad impression it makes. I would never buy from a company that acted in that manner.


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So What

by JasonLove In reply to Yabbut

So what if he is trying to sell you something?

Did you read the rest of his article?

He appears to have come up with an approach that addresses the people/policy problem.

Before you decide to never buy from a company that acts in this manner, maybe you should take a look at what they are offering.

You never know, they might just have an answer for you.

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So what?

by JamesRL In reply to So What

I am tired of reading so called white papers which are nothing more than long marketing brouchures, and when someone claims to start a discussion but is really just making a pitch, I find that somewhat dishonest.

If the only answer is to buy his product, then its not an honest answer.


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Ok - But...

by Dilbert-Tom In reply to

Technical solutions can help identify which people are making problems - once it is clear that compliance WILL be enforced, many people will just quit the problem practices that are leading to non-compliance.
A very few examples can motivate the masses to comply rather than suffer consequences of being caught.
The places where this dosen't work are places where the Top Staff is the biggest problem. Workers tend to adopt the ethics of management, if they haven't got well-established ethics of their own already...
And I do tend to agree that ongoing audit initiatives are more likely to just be a waste of effort, and most non-compliance can be curtailed by encouraging worker vigilance and having someplace to report suspected non-compliance (audit the reported issues to avoid wasting effort).

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hmm...ok what about this then...

by TomSal In reply to Ok - But...

We established that you need people solutions for people problems, not technology.

BUT what if TECHNICALLY everyone is a moron?

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by Becker-2004 In reply to hmm...ok what about this ...

you can't solve anything without enforcing accountability. unfortunatly, accountability is one of the hardest things to enforce.

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Accountabililty is EXACTLY what we are selling

by SentryWatch In reply to

Yes - we do have a solution that sells accountabilty across the whole organisation, top to bottom. The fact that it uses a very simple technology approach to drive this accountability through the peoople based problem is what makes it unique. The amount of pain suffered by the end user is directly proportional to the lack of accountability they currently have at many sites!

We developed this tool as our clients were tired of wasting money on software compliance audits and wasting 18% to 25% p.a. on annual maintenance fees. It meant they could use the maintenance money on other more important tasks related to their core business.

We make no apologies for stating the obvious. Software audits are a waste of time and its time to make end users accountable.

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Users are NOT the biggest problem

by TheChas In reply to Software Audits Are A Was ...

Yes, there are issues with users installing software that is not properly licensed.

Still, the biggest problem in software license compliance is MANAGEMENT!

Managers that refuse to purchase the tools that employees need, who then ignore users who install their own software are the biggest problems.

Next, is the disgruntled employee who knows about illegal software and calls the SBA. Prompting an audit.

Your first line of defense is to keep detailed records on every PC that the company owns.


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NO Budget For Audit Software

by SentryWatch In reply to Users are NOT the biggest ...

Agreed, in part.

We focused on the "management issues" ages ago (1998 and 2000) regarding no budget for audit tools and also no budget for standard "everyday use" software licenses at and (unfortunately many of the links regarding penalties in those 2 pages have died at external reference sites).

Management (or lack therof) is one key part of the equation that is causing the issue to remain as a hot topic.

Management too MUST be fully accountable for budget setting and allocation, yet many "at the top" still don't realise the significant penalties they personally can face for their lack of action.

There is plenty of anecdotal feedback from press releases that lack of accountbility is the key driving factor both for budget setting/allocation and end user accountability.

Other key parts to the equation are outlined at
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