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software building at home

By coolamit1880 ·
with what technology (language)can one prepare a simplest to simplest form of retail software at home
is this possible if yes how?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to software building at home

Well the Simpelest Language is Basic but it's not very clean as a language and looks messy when looked at but it is easy to work with and even the novice finds it ewasy within about 30 minutes or so I'm told. Personally I don;t like it as it is bulky and requires far more codsing than really necessary but it is easy to work with as you are nearly writing down in English what you want the program to do.

To the second part of your question Yes It Is Possible but the "HOW" is much harder without knowing what it is that you want to do.

But I'll leave the technical things alon for a moment and concentrate on the Legal side of thigs If you are planning on doing this as a business to make money you'll need some form of endiminty most likely to be some form of insurance as the small guy doesn't have the money to back up the unethical software agreements that MS does so if your software causes a probelem you are likely to get sued for any losses incured. Now you may have some piece of paper that is even Legal from the Point of View of a Court that you hold no responsibility for any failures of the software but if an Insurance company is involved and they even so much as think that they can minimise their payout you'll be in court so fat that your head will still be spinning while you are giving evidence and evenif you are cleared or responsibility you'll have no chance of recovering your legal costs so the Insurance companies know that you are more likely to settle out of court purely on Finical Grounds as it's cheaper to do it this way. Once you have settled once you have then admitted libality in any further actions and you'll be left holding the can for all the costs so I would be putting my faith in the Insurance Companieds to cover me as they have their own Legal Representatives to fight for you and cost them less money if any at all.


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by helloparminder In reply to software building at home

yes ... dats the ans..
well to begin with .. get the basics right 1st. chalk out the plan of fact that what exactly u r tryin 2 make. do the basic thins 1st ... draw a flowchart. usaage of lang depends on what kinds s/w u r makin.. then decide on front / backend. keep the user in mind n shoot!

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