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My system crashed and had my computer repaired by an it business. They restored my system and added microsoft xp. I recently started recieving notice from microsoft that the xp copy I am using is not legal. I have tried contacting the place where to work was done and they are now out of business. I was wondering if the license is saved by microsoft and can I get a copy of do it or do I need to purchase the xp program. I am looking for the license number of the xp that was originally installed on the computer when I bought it. Is this at all possible?

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Let me get this right ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to software challenge

Are you saying that when the system crashed, someone ADDED Windows XP to a system that already had Windows XP installed on it?

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The Windows XP Product Key

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to software challenge

Is printed as a 25 Digit Alpha Numeric String on a sticker made by M$ that is stuck on the outside of the case or in the event that this is a NB on the bottom of the NB.

This is called a COA or Certificate of Authenicy and is branded with the M$ Details as well as the Product Key.

If there is no COA Stuck onto the case it's most likely a Pirate Copy of XP.

If the system came from a System Maker like Dell, HP or so on you need to contact the Original Maker for the product Key here.


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