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Software change/release management...

By cheerstork · important!


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built around software configuration management

by The Ref In reply to Software change/release m ...

Release management is all around managing the process of tracking changes in the source and choosing what changes are incorporated in what releases.

First, you must use a configuration management system like CVS, Subversion, Clearcase, PVCS, SourceSafe, ... to manage the changes in the source.

Next comes building this into release management, which means choosing the changes you wish to migrate from the dev branch to the release branch. This may be done utilising products like cruise control to automate the continuous build and run unit and regression tests and view the outcomes of those tests before deciding what items to migrate.

I personally believe you must also have information from your change request and defect systems to help make that choice, and to build a list of what is in the release.

Also, depending on your development methodology, requirements use case or user stories need to be tracked so you can include this information in the release report.

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see my post

by Shellbot In reply to Software change/release m ...

on Web Cowboys and you might get an idea of why change and release management is ESSENTIAL for any development work.
my post is a perfect example of it not being managed properly.

Its not rocket science, it boils down to keeping track of everything, whats current, where it is, who's working on it, ect ect

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change and release management

by rob mekel In reply to Software change/release m ...

They are very tight together but are not the same.

Release management is about what is installed/used, hard- or software wise. Some speak of configuration management and is more an administrative job.

Change management is about change on what is installed and whether the changes that are to be made aren't in conflict with other parts in place at your systems. It is more than very welcome that you have deep knowledge of IT, special lan/wan/connectivity knowledge. And is more about managing the change proces, letting the right people make the decisions based upon the right information that you present them.

Both are issue's discussed and given some rules of best practice in ITIL ( as they, actually their predecessor, are the ones that described it the first time)


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by cheerstork In reply to Software change/release m ...
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Software change release management

by vcwizard2006 In reply to thanks..

Has anyone else here used AccuRev issue-based SCM or software configuration management? Takes the pain out of using older file-based SCM systems like Rational Clearcase. Also helps improve release management.

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