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Software Code Readability

By Jaqui ·
I'm sure most software developers have heard of the obfusticated c contest.

where you try to write extremely bad code.

how about this though.
have you heard about the UNDERHANDED C contest?

where you must write readable code, that will not work right except for on the os you picked it to.
the cause of the slowdown cannot be obvious, yet the code has to be reasonable and it must build as-is on all operating systems. no additional libraries may be required, all code must be complete in itself with only the standard libs.

doesn't this sound like a fun way to catch budding malware coders?


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by apotheon In reply to Software Code Readability

Most of the "won't work on Windows" offerings will probably make use of the fact that Windows' fork() is broken as ****.

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by Jaqui In reply to hmm

but maybe not.
this type of competition is likely to attract the experienced malware coders as well, and they wouldn't be likely to use something that weak.

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