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Software "Contraindication" list

By CTCarroll ·
Pharmacies have contraindication lists revealing undesirable combinations. Is there such a list for commercial software? A company I am working with reports that Accuate works fine with Adobe Reader 5.x but not with 6.x. A Cognos representative told me his software also has a problem with Adobe 6.x and with 3.x. Such a list, even if it has to be pieced together from several sources will really help prevent problems during source selection.

If there isn't such a list, would Support Republic sponsor one through community input? Recognizing the number of permutations, there might have to be several tables in this database.

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by TheChas In reply to Software "Contraindicatio ...

I'm not aware of any organized list of software or hardware combinations that do not get along well with each other.

The issue is actually much more complex than it sounds.

First, you have to determine that that any software conflicts are not the result of specific combinations of hardware and OS patches.
Many a "software" conflict has turned out to be a problem with the video card driver.

Then, you have to rule out conflicts that are the result of other programs on the system.
2 pieces of software may not work together on a system with Norton Anti-Virus, but work fine on one with E-Trust.

System settings can have an effect. Adding RAM, allowing the page file to be larger, even browser versions can impact software functionality.

My "best" recommendation would be that you start a discussion on the topic in the Discussion Center.
Request that everyone who posts a software conflict also post the system configuration.

If the discussion draws enough attention, TR is very apt to spot-light it in the weekly newsletters, or to write an article about it.
They may even compile the postings into a download.


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Yea, anything microsoft doesn't play nice with anything else. HA!

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by CTCarroll In reply to

I understand the feeling but it did not answer the question. In my sample, neither software was from Microsoft.

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