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software crackes and keygens

By agoldstein7 ·
Taking A+ cert test soon. Need to take practice tests first. Download trial versions and tried cracking sites to unlock the test sims. The install instructions for the cracks are vaque and they usually dont work, but I may not be using them correctly. What is the differance between a keygen and a crack? Which sites give the best results for unlocking software?

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by efs710920mex In reply to software crackes and keyg ...

The difference between a crack and a keygen is that the keygen generates a key to unlock the sotware and a crack may consist of a patch which modifies the software so you are not requested to register anymore.

Perhaps the best place to look for this is, it guides you to a lot of sites.

If you want some good practice try:

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by rkuhn In reply to software crackes and keyg ...

I would not suggest you do that...illegal. Try paying for the software.

I also wouldn't suggest anyone on TR help him either.

There are some people that need to make a living and stealing software doesn't help them pay their bills or put food on the table.

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by UncleRob In reply to software crackes and keyg ...

Definitions of Keygen & Crack on the Web:

Keygen: A keygen (truncation of "key generator") is a small program that will generate a key or serial/registration number for a piece of software. It is typically used as an adjunct to software piracy.

Crack: Software cracking is the modification of software to remove encoded copy prevention. Distribution of cracked software (warez) is generally an illegal (or more recently, criminal) act of copyright infringement. Software cracking is most often done by software reverse engineering.

You will no doubt have heard already that using keygens & cracks are kind of illegal since the premise of their use is to obtain software illegally.

I won't judge you as some might but helping you is something we shouldn't be doing either because it isn't the right thing to do either. And even though we can't condone this process of using keygens & cracks, it does make you wonder why more discussions on this specific subject don't take place here in the TR forums. It's very interesting to say the least!

I'm sure you can eventually find what you're looking for just by Googling the specific subject matter you're interested in, there are alot of training sites that offer help with A+ tests, free exams, free test material, study material, etc.

Good Luck with your A+ test, I'm sure you'll do fine, just study, study, study!


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by jon In reply to software crackes and keyg ...

Howabout purchasing the copywritten material so thos e of us who actually do honor the intellectual copyrights of the software authors don't have to make up for software thieves in higher licensing costs.

If you designed an application or wrote a book, would you want someone stealing it from you?

Nobody here should be endorsing cracks and serial number generators.

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by lhuckabee In reply to software crackes and keyg ...

You need to be very carefull because a lot of the cracks out have virus in them, and are harmfull to your pc.
Do a search for free A+ stuff on google, there are many free articles, test, ect.. which can help you.

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by lhuckabee In reply to software crackes and keyg ...

send me an email, and I ca help you with some software.
please put the forum name in subject line.

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Taking A cert test soon. Need to take practice tests first.

by mgibbs In reply to software crackes and keyg ...

Test King, CramSession, etc. are Great Test sims for the A+.
Avoid others as they may leave you high and Dry....

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