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Software Decommissioning Process

By ricm9 ·
My agency is looking to create process to retire COTS and home grown software.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some resources?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Software Decommissioning ...

What information is it you are seeking?

Project management plans for updating software?

Hiring a PM to handle the project?

Software to replace what you have already?

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Process, process, process

by ricm9 In reply to Directions

I'm looking for an auditable process that starts from a request from the business or infrastruture unit, through physically retiring software, ending with project closeout type activities. Additionally, things to look out for (did you back up and/or archive the associated data, etc.).

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Not so easy

by patrick.jonvel In reply to Process, process, process

What are you looking for exactly ? IT project management, computerised system validation, configuration management, Change control for IT, business continuity plan, all ?
Please let me know
Kind regards

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All of it

by mimurphy In reply to Not so easy

Looking for the whole Decom Process.

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Ever get a reply

by bvanosch In reply to All of it

Did you ever receive a reply on a Divestiture (retirement) plan including pitfalls, success areas, etc.?

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Decommissioning process

by w.kanchan In reply to All of it

I know exactly what u r looking for. We have been decommissioning IT/IS systems/ processes since 2 years, for one of our clients.
If you are still looking for resources, feel free to contact me.

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Decommissioning tool?

by greg.flay In reply to Decommissioning process

In addition to a process temaplate, does anyone have recommendations for storing data in online, read-only mode after system decommissioning? Are there systems that can manage this read-only data preserved in business context (not just a set of data tables in a database)?

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Hello Mr Kanchan

by Hel10z In reply to Decommissioning process

Would you be so kind to send me a copy or template as i have not been able to find no examples anywhere and don't even know where to start.

My email is:

Thanks in advance.

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Did you get the info you were looking for?

by angela.mckirahan In reply to Software Decommissioning ...

I'm also looking for this same info. Did you get anyware?

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by adminresearch In reply to Did you get the info you ...

Anybody has some information on Decommissioning systems please reply.

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