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Software demonstration tips (presales

By paul7410 ·
Good morning,

As a new demo jockey, I thought it would interesting to get others tips/viewpoints on what works and what doesn't work during software demos. I personally demo front to back office enterprise software (i.e. ERP, CRM, etc.)

Some things that I have learned:

1) Don't show up and throw up. Make sure you meet with everyone that you're going to demo with an understand the reasons he or she might want/need a new software package. This way you will be prepared to demo a certain aspect of the product when the question comes up.
2) Keep your hand off the mouse. If the mouse is moving around this can be confusing. Slowly and delibrately move the mouse to where you want to go.
3) Explain each new screen in detail (i.e. ground the prospect on the screen) before showing what this screen is used for. Remember they have never seen this screen before and may have never worked with software that displays its information like yours.
4) Don't try to show everything. The less you show the better. Just show what they need to see.
5) Webex's/online collaboration are great for add-on sales. However, for new prospects (and if the deal is large enough), nothing beats face to face communication. It's hard to build rapport over the phone.

That's what I've got to offer, but I would love any other suggestions that anyone might have. Anything from how to best prepare for a demo, what to do at the demo, what to do if you *#!@ up, etc.

Look forward to hearing the respones.

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Brief then Demo

by Wayne M. In reply to Software demonstration ti ...

I would change #3 "Explain each new screen in detail before showing ..." to "Describe the system in detail before demonstrating a small subset of screens."

How many times have you sat through an endless demonstration while being told in detail how each and every screen works? Did you notice that when you were done, you knew about the screens, but still did not understand why you would want to use the system? Brief people first on how the system will aid them in their everyday tasks. Then, show them a small set of representative screens to highlight specific operations. The truth is, most computer screens look alike. First describe some of the contexts in which the system can be used, and then demonstrate a few screens of how to use the system.

Think of how the local hardware store demonstrates a power tool. They do not show each capability of the tool, rather they use the tool to build a representative project. Do not show me and describe in detail each screen! Show me how to do a real task even if you by-pass a lot of screens and hop through others in only a couple of seconds.

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good tips

by jyothi In reply to Software demonstration ti ...

Thanks for the tips. I would be giving my first demonstration of our Quality Management Tool. These tips have helped me much to make a start.


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