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By makaleeem ·
Hello everyone do anyone have any idea about deploying .exe files on to the network right now i have 600 clients working andi need to install Jinitiator.exe on all my clients how can i do it through my domain server or is their any tools available to do this do kindly let me know, your urgent reply in this regards is highly appreciated

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by Pradeep Nagapudi In reply to Software Deployment


You say you have 600 clients working under 1 server. If that is the case, load the file onto the server and give access to all users for that file alone. Once they receive the access, they shall access the file from the server and install in onto the client. Hope this clears your requirement....

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by makaleeem In reply to

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by makaleeem In reply to Software Deployment

I am sorry to say that my users are novoice to computers and they dont know how to install any software, some other alternative please
thanks for your answer but in my case it wont work. thanks once again

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by Blowtoad In reply to Software Deployment

You can make a Microsoft Windows Installer file (.msi) and use group policy or SMS to deploy it.

The MSI file can answer all the questions that the install program asks.

Or, if you can't use group policy or SMS to deploy it, make your MSI file and save it to a shared folder on the server and use a login script to start the MSI file.

Or, if you cannot do that, do as the Pradeep suggested. Make your MSI file, save it to a shared folder on the server, and have your users install it. They can be novices. That's OK because all thy have to do is double click on the MSI file. (Of course, this assumes that your users have permission to install.)

A free tool for making and modifying MSI files can be found at

If the users don't have permission to install, and you can't do any of the previous suggestions, go to each machine, sit down, and install it. Use the time you have while sitting in front of each machine to justify whatever investment it will take to get to the point that you can use group policy and SMS.

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by makaleeem In reply to

i tried to make msi fiel with the tool u mentioned but its not able to install the software Jinitiator onto the clients its deploying from the group policies. othe rthing is as i mentioned in my problem that i have a fileserver and i want all user to have their home folder but it gives me access denied permission after i giving all users full permission

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by tom.fields In reply to Software Deployment

We use prefixne, create a simple script and execute on all PC's

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by makaleeem In reply to

Can u show how it will be done

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by CG IT In reply to Software Deployment

well the second answer has your solution. Create a .msi package and deploy via group policy.

WinInstall Lite is a good program for creating a .msi package. Note: you need a clean machine to create a snapshot of before the application is installed and then one after the application is installed to create the .msi package of the application And also create an answer file which fills out whatever needs to be filled out during installation like product keys, names, blah blah.

Once the completed package is created you then delploy the package from a distribution point [shared folder on the network] and use group policy to assign or publish the application.

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by CG IT In reply to

if you want to create a .exe file that users can double click to install the program the application maker probably has a network installation version of their program in which you create a shared folder on the network, and then place the application in the shared folder. Users then double click the setup Icon in the shared folder to launch the setup program which installs the application on their machine. With 600 users, best to create multiple shared folders and divide up users into a group and have each group acces a designated folder.

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Deploy through startup scripts

by iamdevil In reply to Software Deployment

Extract the jinitiator files on the remote computer during startup & install in silent mode.

\\"domain name"\netlogon\oajinit.exe -f %temp -e
cd %temp%\disk1
setup.exe -s -v"/qn"

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