Software Design for Distillery Inventory

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I am trying to open a distillery with my family. We are “just getting off the ground” but need to make tracking inventory easier. We need a basic software to maintain inventory of both ingredients and the product as well as track cost. The software will need to create identifiers for each product to track it through the distillation processes (i.e. INGREDIENT A, INGREDIENT B, and INGREDIENT C were used to make BATCH 001, which blended with batch 101 and batch 121 to create BLEND XXZ. Blend XXZ is bottled and given SERIAL NUMBER 19H12B210T and what was the cost to create each bottle and how many (of each size bottle) are in stock at this time. It would also be helpful if the system would generate label(s) throughout the process with the specific identifiers and eventually create the bottle’s labels from a template with the required information.
The software should be very user friendly as the people who will be using it are not tech savvy.
I honestly don’t know where to start to even look for this kind of software if there is one available or if it would be cheaper to create have a software developer create a program to do this for us. If so, would it be better as a web-based program or a desktop program? Any advice would be appreciated.

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