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I've been working as a one person IT team doing network and database management for a small company of 110 users for about a year and half now. My previous experience was similar but in a very junior role. I have been given a task by my director to come with our own specialised cti (computer telephony)integrated software that could save the company tens of thousands in licensing costs. The problem here is that being a one man band I've come to realise that by taking this task on I'm stretching myself thin. I've made good progress so far in learning how to program in c# plus my previous database knowledge. My question to you all is:how do I get this software built without having to contract or hire another developer because that would leave me back in square one and lose the oppurtunity for a bonus by building this app? I'm aware that it is possible to outsource development projects or certain aspects of them but what are the implications on cost effectiviness and overall quality of the projects?

Your help is appreciated in advance.

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by jbaker In reply to Software developer or net ...

Talk to your local community college that teaches programming. The professor will be able to put you in touch with a "star" pupil that can assist/intern/contract pieces of the app for you.

Gets your app built cheaply, and gets the student some real world/documentable experience.

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I agree fully

by DARKE51 In reply to

The local Tech College is full of very talented people that can help you in many ways. I speek from experience as a student and as the head tech in a small retail store. I was an intern and I use interns now. They want and need to learn and work. Most are very driven to succeed!!!!!!

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To take over the day to day tech responisbilities

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I agree fully

yes. But if it's to do the software, an inexperienced developer takes a lot of mentoring, and for that you have to be on at least your third tee-shirt to do it. On the day to day running, just developing some procedures and task shcedules so you can teach someone is worth the price of teaching them.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to rent-a-coder

Seeing as the poster is not an experienced coder, how is is he to judge an applicants skill level ?
Whereas on the admin side, he knows exactly what he needs.

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CTI requirements

by deven.shah In reply to

What are the features expected from the CTI that you are asked to build. I can speak to the IS manager in my organisation who has experience on CTI development.

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use CTI developer kit

by Dr Dij In reply to Software developer or net ...

there are TONS of good CTI software environments with APIs and also ones you need to do little programming in, for touch tones, voice reponse, etc. Subscribe for free to Computer Telephony magazine. You can also search the web for the specialized software and download sites probably have demo versions. You can do incredible amounts of stuff with this, maybe look like a hero.

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by rick_b In reply to use CTI developer kit

I agree with Dr.Dij and would add that most of the IP telephony vendors have SDK (Software Devolpment Kits) available for their platform. They available at their web site or by calling the support department.

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There will be developers out there

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Software developer or net ...

who could do it faster and better. If you hire in, you've got two options a full specification with as many i's dotted and t's crossed as you can. Or get a capable resource for a period of time and then specify and build between you. Unless you are completely sure what you want now, and later I'd recommend the latter.
Make sure the source code is yours !
Any outside firm will want to hit you for a maintenance contract, make sure they don't construct a vice and cunningly place your nuts in it.
Last but not least whatever option you take, don't trust anybody to do it right. Learn enough to keep them honest.

If you feel you can do it in house, then by all means go ahead, it's not just your skills and ability though it's your time, it will always take longer than you thought. If it is saving you money, then obviously the longer it takes to get it into place, the more money you spend on it and the less you save with it.

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by RAMROD In reply to There will be developers ...

..I know that these things always take longer than you expected I'm having to juggle though and It's as clear as day that I cant do it all I can do a lot however. I might go down the route of hiring a developer for a period of time and get him\her to write a few difficult modules and get more specific technical specs in how to move this forward.

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