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software development methodology

By lms ·
May I have the list of proven software development methodology.

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by bjellis In reply to software development meth ...

There are a jillion 'proven' methodologies, but to get any benefit you'll have to find or adapt one that fits your goals, your desired level of structure, your development and corporate environments.

You can overwhelm yourself by starting at http://www.software.org/quagmire/ to see how some of the methodologies are related to one another. Click on any one to see more info. Most of these are highly structured, and unless you have strong corporate support for such a structure, or are working with government contracts or other requirements that will lead you to such a structure, you should not start here. You can, however, use these to get an idea of what works and where, and you can pick and choose templates and pieces of a methodology -- very useful!

But start with the basics. Get a solid overview of what's being done in comparable industries to yours and with similar technical requirements (type of system you use, language you develop in, etc). Then before you dive in, get a solid grounding on how to do it RIGHT and build quality in from the get-go. Read, for example, Quality is Free by Phil Crosby, and Software Testing in the Real World by Edward Kit. Maybe look at the Personal Software Process (for developers)(http://www.sei.cmu.edu/tsp/psp.html). Now you're ready to go.

Start with the basics. Outline the structure you'll be using, define some requirements, define responsibilities, deliverables, how each deliverable will be checked for quality/accuracy. Once you've planned this, then do it -- go through a cycle. Then check what you've done (verify that requirements are met, test for expected quality etc). Then make adjustments to the plan as needed.

Then go back and do the cycle again, incorporating your improvements. (And, by the way, you've just gone through a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, one of the simplest and most useful ways to improve your process -- thank Shewhart and Deming for that.)

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by SridharPandu In reply to software development meth ...

Waterfall Method (Traditional SDLC)
Iterative Method
Rational Unified Process (Similar to iterative but better)
eXtreeme Programming (XP)
Personal Software Process (PSP)
Team Software Process (TSP)

The last to however are more of a process than a methodology.

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