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    software developnment


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    give 6 examples of software developnment ammendable to prototyping,and name 2 or 3 applications that will be more difficult to prototyping

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      Depends on what you mean by prototyping

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      A prototype is meant to help investigate an aspect of a design. Aside from the extremely trivial, there are no devlopments that wouldn’t benefit from an investigation of the unknowns.

      The biggest danger with going down this route is the prototype becomes the application, and what you found out from doing it is never applied.

      Never make a fully functional one.
      When engineers want to look at the the aerodynamics of a body shape they build it out of wood, when they prototype an engine they stick it on a bench.

      Only in software do we blow most of the budget making a prototype and then end up selling it so we can delay doing the job properly.

      The difficulty is all in the design infrastructure. How much front end work do you need to test a prototype backend for instance.

      Slap your tutor round the head, for giving you a crap question.

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